Following the recent introduction of the C400X adventure scooter (still difficult to suppress laughter with that one. Adventure scooter…), BMW is unveiling the C400GT maxi scooter. The C400GT slots in below the larger-capacity C650GT in BMW's expanding "Urban Mobility" lineup.

BMW C400GT windscreen.BMW

While the C400GT borrows heavily from the GS’s design (somewhat infuriatingly), the C400GT looks much more like a traditional scooter. It sets itself apart from the X with a taller windscreen for superior wind protection and more traditional bodywork.

The C400GT in all its maxi scooter glory.BMW

In the grand tradition of the 800cc F650GS, the C400GT has a 350cc engine. The single-cylinder engine has 34 hp and BMW’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) gearbox, which it shares with the C400X. The two machines also share the same tubular-steel space frame, telescopic front end, and dual spring strut rear end. The GT comes standard with disc brakes and ABS.

Even without the optional TFT display, the C400GT cockpit looks pleasing to behold.BMW

With an eye toward comfort and convenience, BMW has given the GT some top-notch creature comforts and features, including Keyless Ride, LED lighting, passenger backrest and footboards (instead of pegs), and two glove compartments in addition to the under-seat Flexcase. A 6.5-inch TFT display is available as a factory option.

The C400GT’s saddle is partly responsible for what the BMW press release terms “sophisticated ergonomics.” We loathe marketing jargon, but the seat does appear comfortable in photographs. But “sophisticated”?BMW
BMW C400GT windscreen.BMW

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability.