The Bike That Got Away: Peter Del Nagro's 1978 Honda CB750 F2

He went to the dealership expecting to buy a Suzuki GS750...

1978 Honda CB750 F2
Owner: Peter Del Nagro

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Why I Bought It: I went to a dealership expecting to buy a Suzuki GS750 like my friend's that I had learned to ride on. Then I saw this leftover Honda CB750 F2. I liked that burgundy color, the black engine, the triple disc brakes, the 4 into 1 exhaust, the forgings for the passenger pegs, and the simplicity of the valve adjustments.

Why I Sold It: I was 30, married, wanted to have children and reasoned I had more to lose than gain from motorcycling, but mostly I needed a car. So I bought a Buick! Assuming in those days that I had to put at least 10 percent down to finance it, I sold the Honda to a guy who wanted it for his son so they could ride to Texas. I found out later that GMAC would have financed me with nothing down.

Why I Wish I Hadn't Sold It: I'd done a lot to it: air caps on the forks, Koni shocks, a Martek electronic ignition, black chrome Superbike bars, new mirrors, Hooker headers, and Smoothbore carbs! Apart from a clunky first gear, it had that typical Honda creaminess and competence. It was fun to ride and fast. I still look for them wistfully on eBay.