The Bike That Got Away: 1963 Honda Sport 50

Bill Breshears would ride this little Honda everyday after school.

1963 Honda Sport 50
Bill Breshears has had several bikes over the years and currently rides a Harley Softail Springer. But this little Honda was his first.©Motorcyclist

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My Dad had a used car lot in Muskogee, Oklahoma. A prominent family had a son killed in a motorcycle accident and everyone was getting rid of their kids’ bikes. Dad hated motorcycles because every time a bike went buy I would stop and stare! He was afraid I would get hurt.

Why I Bought It: My Dad traded for this little Honda, which was nearly new in 1964. He said I could ride it until he sold it, as long as I stayed off the main streets in town. He wouldn't let me ride it to school, but I could ride after I got home from junior high. So every day after school I would get it out of the garage and ride!

Why I Sold It: I didn't sell it! My Dad sold it. My fun went on for a little while. As I got used to the bike I became bolder and bolder. Now those bikes didn't have a great deal of power, but were so dependable and got great gas mileage. Anyway, I started trying to do wheelies with the bike, and sometimes I was successful! A nosy neighbor saw me and told my Dad. Well that was the end of my motorcycle career! Dad sold it for $250 which was almost what they cost new. I was a heartbroken 14-year-old.

Why I Wish I Hadn't Sold It: As you know already, my Dad sold it because of my indiscretion. I have had several bikes over the years and currently ride a Harley-Davidson Softail Springer. Dad finally got used to the idea that I was gonna ride anyway and later on even helped me work on some of my bikes! I owned a CBX in later years, but nothing was as much fun as that first bike! It was clean, pure, and simple. After I got married I ran onto a nice one at a swap meet for $350. It might as well have been $35,000. Over the years of raising a family and putting kids through college, the little Honda was always on the back burner. I've had bigger, better, faster bikes, but nothing replaces your first love.