AMA Pro Grand National Championship Motorcycle Races Memorial Day Weekend

Look Out For Springfield ... something big is about to happen!

The annual big double-header weekend of AMA Pro Grand National Championship Series is set to rumble Saturday, May 29th with a TT and Sunday, May 30th on the world's fastest one mile motorcycle dirt track at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield.

AMA Pro sanctioned Flat Track Grand National Championship series is the oldest and most traditional form of motorcycle racing in the United States. Motorcycle riders from Japan, Australia and Canada along with riders from across the U.S. will compete handle bar to handle bar at speeds over 140mph...only inches apart.

The Saturday evening TT will consist of Pro Singles and Expert Singles riders competing on specialized 450cc motocross machinery at the Fairgrounds Arena. The track is configured with right and left hand turns and one jump, with a different layout each year. The tight race track makes for intense racing for the riders, teams and fans.

Talk from around the world leading into Springfield has been the Ducati win at Yavapai Downs Mile dirt track in Prescott Valley, AZ on May 1st ridden by former Grand National Champion Joe Kopp. This was the first win by a Ducati motorcycle in Flat Track racing and the first loss for Harley-Davidson on the mile in 17 years. The last mile race won by anything other than the XR750cc was the RS750cc Honda ridden by the late Ricky Graham at the Springfield Mile on September 5, 1993.

The Pro Singles and Expert Twins classes on the Springfield Mile have often been called the most spectacle motorsports race in the country. The drafting technique keeps riders together for the entire main event with the race often won by only inches at the finish line.

Current Pro Singles Grand National Champion points has Jeff Carver leading the series with 61pts followed by the 2009 Pro Singles Grand National Champion Brad Baker with 53, and Michael Avila holding down third with 43 pts.

Looking for a battle! Here it is...the overall AMA Pro Expert Grand National Championship Series has a three way tie for lead each with 57 points; Sammy Halbert, Joe Kopp and Jake Johnson. Take into consideration Kopp is coming off a win, Halbert is coming off a loss to Kopp at Yavapai Downs by less than one foot and Jake Johnson won the last mile at Springfield on Labor Day weekend last year. As the late J.B Norris would say...."Let's Go Racing!"

Gates Open: 2:30pm (3:00pm Practice and Qualifying)
Races: 7:00pm

Gates Open 9am (10:15am Practice and Qualifying)
Races: 1:00pm
Ticket Info: 888-468-1622 or 217-753-8866
Call between 8:30am-5:00pm CST

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Ama Pro Grand National Championship Motorcycle Races Memorial Day Weekend