Adaptiv TPX Radar/Laser Detector System

Whether for lack of luck or lack of self-control, I've amassed an unenviable collection of speeding tickets lately. So when I found out about Adaptiv's motorcycle-specific TPX detection system, I paid attention.

Other radar and laser detectors are designed for auto applications, and just don't work on bikes. The buttons are too small, the alerts are too subtle, the rear-facing displays are impossible to see, and don't dare get them wet. Adaptiv addresses all these issues with a true moto-specific design. The backlit, upward-angled LCD is easily visible from above. Oversized, widely spaced buttons are compatible with gloved hands. An optional super-bright LED visual alert and compact wireless headset make it all but impossible to miss an alarm.

Powered by a fused harness and held by a trick, double ball-joint mount, the TPX was installed on our Buell Ulysses testbike in just 20 minutes. Navigating the intuitive, five-button control panel is even easier.

The TPX provides 360-degree radar detection of radar bands as well as laser signals-though a detector isn't much help against the Fuzz's insta-bust laser. Radar warnings typically came at least a half-mile in advance, allowing enough time to slow down. We also tested Adaptiv's weatherproof claims during one particularly miserable, 350-mile downpour, and the TPX never blinked. The only issue in 6000 miles was a small nut vibrating loose inside the casing, and Adaptiv happily replaced the entire console under its one-year warranty. More importantly, I didn't get a single speeding ticket during the entire test!

ADAPTIV TPX Radar/ Laser Detector System
Price: $309

Adaptiv Technologies

Finally, a radar/laser detector that works well on a motorcycle!