ACM Vintage Motorcycle Festival in Seattle

Annual vintage motorcycle show returns to Seattle on July 30

A snap from ACM’s Vintage Motorcycle Festival 2015, located just south of Seattle.©Motorcyclist

If you live in or around Seattle and love vintage motorcycles, we've got good news for you. America's Car Museum, or ACM, is hosting it's annual Vintage Motorcycle Festival (aka The MEET) on July 30, 2016. According to ACM this means, "hundreds of cool bikes," and thousands of motorcycle fans. If you don't live in or around Seattle, sounds like a good enough reason for a road trip, right? We at Motorcyclist love events like this simply because it always makes us remember what we love about riding. There are always people who have come from far away, bikes you've never seen in person, and the smell of burning oil and decrepit leather. There's nothing like a healthy batch of vintage machines to make you appreciate your bike's development, and place in history.

There are set to be 20 classes of competition in the show, in addition the Best in Show award, for, "nearly any bike built before 1991." Your bike built after 1991? Well then, all the more likely it'll get you to the show! If you do want to register your machine, an early registration discount is available until July 15 and includes admission for one to the event. For more information on the show and the event, visit For more info on ACM, the facility, and ongoing exhibits, see: