5 Questions With Ben Bostrom

Daytona 200 Winner

**Q: **Did you hit Disneyland to celebrate your Daytona 200 win?
**A: **In my dreams, maybe! That race was an endurance event in more ways than one. It started at 7:00 p.m. with the rider's ceremony, the race wasn't over until 11 and press went past midnight. I didn't get back to my hotel until 1. Nikki [Hale, Bostrom's girlfriend] opened a bottle of organic blueberry wine and I was crashed out before it was half gone!

**Q: **Was it especially satisfying to win the 200?
**A: **Winning the 200 was very special. I've lost by thousandths of a second before, and it was devastating. But a win there, after racing for three hours, is very special.

**Q: **How was it racing under the lights?
**A: **It was my first time, and I really enjoyed it. There's a total rock-star feel, like you're in the spotlight. You can't see anything off-track-everything outside that periphery is gone, it's black. It's just you and the other guys around you at 180 mph. I loved it!

**Q: **Would you like another shot at World Superbike?
**A: **Thank God Yamaha gave me a shot last year-the R6 helped me fall in love with motorcycles again. Now I'm completely psycho about bikes-it's all I think about, and I want a piece of everybody on the track. I never felt like this before. I watch SBK now and see the talent in the class, and yeah, I want another go. I'm 34, and Bayliss was almost 40 when he won his last championship. So I've got at least six more years of this craziness in me.

**Q: **You're on a desert island and only get one racebike for the rest of your life: Harley-Davidson TwinSport or Yamaha Superbike?
**A: **The Sportster's going to break down by the end of the day, and it wasn't that much fun to ride anyways. The new R1 is so much fun to ride. It's much like the R6, believe it or not, and it's not going to break.