2017 Handbuilt Show

One of the best custom motorcycle shows in the country.

Handbuilt Show Moto Guzzis
The Handbuilt show included clusters of like-branded bikes, like this corner filled with Moto Guzzis.Photo: Julia LaPalme

Revival is a name often associated with some of the most tastefully done custom bikes built today. So when they hold a show to display motorcycles from fellow builders, it's certainly not to be missed. Taking place at Fair Market near downtown Austin, Texas, the Handbuilt Show featured 101 bikes in its fourth annual exhibition. Considering it's held during the same weekend as MotoGP , we were surprised to learn how many attendees were in town just to see the Handbuilt Show. That is, until you step inside and see the array of talent represented. It's not so much a motorcycle show; it's an art gallery, featuring a selection of the most beautifully crafted machines in the two wheeled arena. On top of that, the team from AMDC Wall of Death set up their motordrome, holding stunt shows every hour. Between daredevil displays, custom bikes, and motorcycle-themed artwork, the Handbuilt Show kept visitors entertained for three days straight, from Friday through Sunday. If you didn't make it this year, here is a gallery of what you missed.

2017 Handbuilt Show Lock Baker EFab Motus
Attendees admire Lock Baker’s post modern chopper, dubbed “Red Asphalt,” one of two Motus-powered customs at the show.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Scrambler Ducati
This custom Ducati Scrambler was designed by tattoo artist Grime (right) and built by Jim McLaughlin (left), of Marin Speed Shop. It includes a modified swingarm to accommodate the Ohlins shock, custom made exhaust, hand-formed steel body, tail, and headlight cowl, among other mods. The main body color is Forza Azurri, which is Italy’s national color, and is accented by a neon version of Italy’s tricolore flag colors.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Real Deal BMW RnineT Jessi Combs
Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras, of Real Deal, collaborated to build this landspeed-inspired BMW RnineT, with custom fabricated fairing, tail cone, custom upholstery, paint, and design.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Honda CB175
This green and white 1971 Honda CB175, named Zoöid, was built by Zeke and Patrick DeZeevw, of Zoomers Moto.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Triumph Speed Triple custom
This gnarly off-road monster bike, built by Classified Moto, started life as a 2007 Triumph Speed Triple, with a custom swingarm, stock plastic tank epoxied with fine ladies dress fabric, and ITP Hurricane 14x7 rim with 26x11x14 STI Black Diamond knobby.Photo: Julia LaPalme
BMW Alpha concept bike
The BMW Alpha concept bike was designed by Mehmet Doruk Erdem, and built by Mark Atkinson, using a BMW K75 engine and basalt and carbon for the bodywork.Photo: Julia LaPalme
BMW Alpha Stefan Hertel Revival
Stefan Hertel, of Revival, peels back the seat of the BMW Alpha to show off its under workings to a few fellow motonerds.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Revival 140 Confederate Hellcat
Revival’s newest build, the Revival 140, started out as a 2012 Confederate Hellcat.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Shinya Kimura Kawasaki Z1
Shinya Kimura took a Kawasaki Z1 and turned it into “Pantera Verde.”Photo: Julia LaPalme
Christian Sosa custom crowd
Christian Sosa’s amazingly intricate build attracted quite a crowd.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Honda CB550
Justin Webster’s 1974 Honda CB550, dubbed the “City Scrambler,” features a custom stainless steel 4-into-2 exhaust, pastel paint inspired by vintage appliances, and a leather and suede seat.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Moto Vida Moto Guzzi V9 Tracker
Moto Vida’s 2017 Moto Guzzi V9 “Tracker” was painted with a tri-color scheme inspired by a 1976 Ford Econoline, and a houndstooth seat inspired by a late ‘70s Camaro. With Supertrapp mufflers, hand fabricated tank, seat, and tail section, this is a great build to bring Moto Guzzi into the flat track world.Photo: Julia LaPalme
AMDC Wall of Death Charlie Ransom
Charlie Ransom wows the crowd at the AMDC Wall of of Death, held at the Handbuilt Show.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Harley-Davidson Hayabusa Space Turd
Joe Mielke, of Snap Fabrications, poses with the “Space Turd,” which he built as a design exercise and departure from what he would normally build, to cleanse his palette, so to speak. Starting as a 2004 Harley-Davidson Softail paired with a Hayabusa front end, this bike took Joe about 40 days to build, and was seen in last year’s Hot Bike Tour.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Handbuilt Show bikes
The Handbuilt Show floor, filled with bikes before the crowds pour in.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Makoto Endo painting J63
Makoto Endo spent three days painting the Revival J63 in various stages, starting with black ink on white canvas, then a water and ink wash, then retracing the bike’s shape and details with white paint. His approach: “I try to paint the sound of the engine.”Photo: Julia LaPalme
Wall of Death motordrome tent
A crowd of attendees scale the wooden staircases to watch the famous AMDC Wall of Death show inside the motordrome.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Wall of Death gokart
Reckless Reda wows the crowd in her gokart during the Wall of Death show.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Magnus Walker
Many well-known people attended the Handbuilt, including Magnus Walker.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Fair Market Handbuilt Show crowd line
The line to get into the Fair Market for the Handbuilt show on Friday stretched clear down the block.Photo: Julia LaPalme