2013 Honda CB1100 | Me & My Bike

Honda's throwback CB standard gets a custom blessing from the Church of Choppers

"My favorite thing is to get the ugliest bike out there and try to make it look neat."

BIKE: 2013 Honda CB1100
NAME: Jeff Wright
AGE: 48
HOME: Des Moines, Iowa
OCCUPATION: Owner, Church of Choppers, Forever Two Wheels Company ftwco.com

I'm not your typical chopper guy. I've raced enduros and hare scrambles for years, and I love sportbikes—my last rider was a raced-out ZX-10R. Even my choppers always have a performance edge.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Jeff Wright's ride.Motorcyclist Online

My favorite thing is to get the ugliest bike out there and try to make it look neat. And that CB looks terrible from the factory! The OVER Racing swingarm I used here, and all the carbon fiber, all that came from the Japanese aftermarket, and it was really hard to locate. The handmade, limited-edition Yoshimura pipe is sourced from Japan, too. I hate the way it sounds—it's so quiet—so I'm going to cut it up and rebuild it with a high-mount Racefit can.

It's mostly been a money game so far, but I've done some work, too. I spent a lot of time on the tank. Racefit makes the dry-break fuel filler, and I brazed that so it wouldn't warp. There are so many details no one notices. I smoothed the wheels, shaved down the triples, and DLC-coated the fork tubes. The silver carbon fiber had a clearcoat on it that I knocked down, and I de-blacked the stock oil cooler, too. The steel fenders are gone, replaced with some small fiberglass ones from Japan, and the taillight is a miniaturized version of the stock piece, also from Japan.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R
2013 Honda CB1100Motorcyclist Online

I haven't done much with the motor. I haven't really ridden the bike yet, so I haven't thought about that much. There are a few more things I'd like to do. I found some gold five-spoke rims that look just like old Morris mags, but they're over $3,000! Mostly, I'm just going to pound out some miles on it this summer!