2010's Best New Technology: Honda DCT

Beyond automatic

Honda's revolutionary Dual-Clutch Trans-mission is exactly the sort of innovation we have come to expect from the company that popularized multi-cylinder engines, disc brakes, liquid cooling and so much other technology now considered a normal part of the motorcycle landscape. The DCT is not the first automatic motorcycle transmission, but it is the first to offer performance that will satisfy even the most demanding sport rider. Borrowing heavily from Formula 1 racing technology-and generating more than 100 patents in the process-Honda has created a transmission that offers full-auto or semi-auto (the rider selects shift points using finger triggers) operation and delivers quicker, smoother, more transparent shifts than any manual gearbox. Honda's DCT is everything a conventional automatic transmission isn't. It's light, fast and intuitive, and genuinely enhances the sportbike experience. We look forward to seeing the technology applied to the pure-sports CBR line soon.

Alternative Take
Turns out anti-lock brakes do work on sportbikes!

Ever since BMW brought ABS to motorcycles with the 1989 K100RS, sportbike purists have scoffed. Well, one spin on the new S1000RR with its Race-ABS will change their tune. Not only is the system virtually transparent, its level of intervention changes depending on which drive mode you've selected. It even works well on the racetrack.

Best New Technology: Honda DCT