2008 Kymco Xciting Review


There’s one thing no one can argue about regarding the 2008 Kymco Xciting scooter – it simply looks cool. Anyone who’s looking for a machine that’s fun to drive and turns plenty of heads should take a look at the Kymco Xciting. If Kymco scooters aren’t on your list to check out, that’s something you’ll want to remedy fast, as you might be surprised at how many riders swear by the scooters produced by this Taiwanese manufacturer. The Xciting is a great introduction to the Kymco line.

The 2008 Kymco Xciting comes in two models, the entry-level Xciting 250 and the touring scooter, the Xciting 500. Both models provide plenty of sporty scooter enjoyment. The Taiwanese-made Xciting has really upped its game with the Maxi-scooter, the 500. As a touring scooter, the emphasis isn’t so much on high-octane excitement as it is on fun, comfortable, reliable drivability. The 2008 Kymco Xciting is perfect for highway riding. Its big windshield will protect you from harsh high-speed winds and small debris, and it can get up to highway speeds without a problem, with a top speed of about 100 mph.

You should find yourself quite relaxed in the wide, heavily-cushioned seat, big floorboards, and optimally placed handlebars. These wide bars also provide nice stability to keep the scooter balanced as you ride, which is further enhanced by the 15-inch front wheel and 62-inch wheelbase. The 2008 Kymco Xciting 500 features plastic construction on a steel frame, and feels strong and sturdy. The seat is a bit high at 30.3 inches, but overall this scooter is pretty comfortable.

The Xciting 250 isn’t quite as exciting as the 500, but perhaps that’s what you’re looking for. It’s a reliable ride with a little less power than the 500, but it’s definitely got enough oomph to get you where you need to go. The Kymco Xciting 250 features a 249cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, compared to the 500s 498.5cc engine. You’ll find dual hydraulic front disc brakes and hydraulic rear disc brakes on the 500, while the 250 offers front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. Those brakes actually provide really nice stopping power on both the 250 and the 500, so if safe stopping is a concern, you’ll surely want to put an extra check in the Kymco Xciting column when you’re doing your scooter comparison shopping.

Both the Kymco Xciting 250 and the 500 seat two, and you’ll find adjustable levers on both. These scooters aren’t heavy on extra features – you won’t find any radio options or speakers on them, but you do have your choice of some eye-catching colors. The Blue Xciting is great for putting out that relaxed, carefree vibe that scooter riders often like to elicit. The Orange Xciting really makes the scooter stand out, which, combined with the upright riding setup, will make you more noticeable and probably a lot safer when weaving in and out of heavy traffic. Finally, the charcoal gray simply looks sleek and cool and is most likely the choice if you want to turn some heads in your Kymco Xciting.

If you’re in the market for a basic scooter or a maxi-scooter, definitely consider the Kymco Xciting. Although a Taiwanese manufacturer may not be the first thing that springs to mind when looking for a trustworthy scooter, many riders have actually found that the Xciting proves to be quite reliable, offering years of quality service. Lastly, they are fun to ride, and make you look pretty cool in the process.

New For 2008

  • No new features this year.

2008 Kymco Xciting Specs

  • Model: Kymco Xciting 250, Kymco Xciting 500
  • Engine Type: 249cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-Stroke, 498.5cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-Stroke
  • Bore and Stroke: 72.2mm x 60.0mm, 92mm x 69mm
  • Compression ratio: N/A
  • Valve Train: DOHC
  • Induction: Keihin Carburetor
  • Ignition: Electric
  • Transmission: Automatic Continuously Variable Transmission
  • Final Drive: Belt
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
  • Estimated Fuel Economy: 70 mpg, 46 mpg
  • Brakes (Front): Hydraulic Disc/Dual Hydraulic Disc
  • Brakes (Rear): Hydraulic Disc
  • Suspension (Front): Telescopic Fork
  • Suspension (Rear): Twin Sided Swing Arm
  • Wheelbase: 62 in
  • Rake: N/A
  • Trail: N/A
  • Seat Height: 30.5 in
  • Dry Weight: 407 lbs./473 lbs.
  • Tires (Front): 120/70 - 15
  • Tires (Rear): 150/70 – 14


  • Rain Cover
  • Top Case

Key Competitors For The 2008 Kymco Xciting

  • Yamaha Majesty
  • Piaggio X10
  • Suzuki Burgman