2007 Piaggio Fly Review


Italian automaker Piaggio released the ?2007 ?Piaggio Fly as the third model year for the aforementioned scooter, which is designed for the everyday rider. Piaggio made the ‘07 Fly in two models, which are named after the displacement of their respective engines.

Customers can choose between the 2007 Piaggio Fly 50 or the 2007 Piaggio Fly 150. The Fly 50 is named after its 49.9-cubic centimeter (cc) displacement, which is rounded up to 50 cc. Similarly, the Fly 150 is befittingly named after its engine displacement of 150 cc. The engine on the 2007 Piaggio Fly is a four-stroke single-cylinder engine that generates a little less than 12 horsepower at 7,750 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 8.5 lb-ft of torque at an RPM of 6,000. However, the engine on the Fly 50 (labeled the Piaggio Leader) has a bore and stroke of 1.5 by 1.6 inches, while the one on the Fly 150 (labeled the Piaggio Hi-Per4) has a bore and stroke of 2.5 by 1.9 inches.

The 2007 Piaggio Fly engine is connected with a Continuously Variable Transmission. Also known as the CVT, the automatic gearbox can choose from a great number of gear ratios for improving fuel economy, which is 115 miles per gallon (mpg) on the 50cc model and 75 mpg on the 150cc model. Although the Fly 150 is not as fuel efficient as its 50cc counterpart, it is better at maximum speed, peaking at 61 miles per hour (mph); maximum speed for the Fly 50 is 39 mph.

Piaggio provided choices between white, blue and gray finishes--each accompanied by “Z”-shaped decals--for the 2007 Piaggio Fly. Front disc and rear drum brakes go on the 12-inch steel wheels, which are fitted with tubeless tires. A digital dashboard at the front of the scooter consists of a speedometer and fuel level warning gauge; and there is storage under the seat and at the dash, with an area for keeping a helmet. For greater visibility, the ‘07 Fly has halogen lighting and a pair of side mirrors. An engine immobilizer is provided for deterring bike thieves.

With Z-shaped markings all over it, ?the ?2009 ?Piaggio Fly has the appearance of a racing machine. ?Customers can choose between a White, ?Midnight Blue or Gray finish. ?Halogen headlamps; ?rearview mirrors; ?digital dashboard with speedometer and fuel level indicator; ?engine immobilizer; ?and under-seat, ?helmet and glove box/dash storage are standard on the scooter. ?Twelve-inch aluminum wheels go on each ride.

Each ?2007 ?Piaggio Fly measures around ?74 ?inches in length and ?28.9 ?inches in width, ?with a dry weight of ?220 ?lbs. for the Fly ?50 ?and ?247 ?lbs. for the Fly ?150. The one-piece vinyl seat for the driver and a passenger is set at 30.9 inches. ?The manufacturer’?s suggested retail prices for the Fly ?50 ?and Fly ?150 ?are ?$1,999 ?and ?$2,899, ?respectively.

For a nice combination of technology, reliability, safety and elegance, the Fly has always been a strong offering from Piaggio since production started in 2005. The 2007 model year of the scooter is no exception, as it retains the characteristics from the previous two iterations.

New For 2007

  • This is the third model year for the scooter; no changes were made.

2007 Piaggio Fly Specs

Model: ?Scooter * Engine Type: ?4-stroke single-cylinder Piaggio HI-PER4 (?Fly ?50), ?LEADER (?Fly ?150) * Bore and Stroke (?millimeters/inches)?: ?39/1.5 ?and ?41.8/1.6 (?Fly ?50)?, ?62.6/2.5 ?and ?48.6/1.9 (?Fly ?150) * Compression ratio: ?N/A * Valve Train: ?single overhead camshaft (?SOHC) * Induction: ?Carburetor * Ignition: ?Electronic * Transmission: ?Continuously Variable Transmission (?CVT) * Final Drive: ?Belt * Fuel Capacity (?gallons/liters)?: ?1.9/7.2 * Estimated Fuel Economy: ?110 ?to ?115 ?mpg (?Fly ?50)?, ?70 ?to ?75 ?mpg (?Fly ?150) * Brakes (?Front)?: ?200-millimeter disc * Brakes (?Rear)?: ?140-millimeter drum * Suspension (?Front)?: ?Telescopic fork * Suspension (?Rear)?: ?Single-sided swing arm * Wheelbase (?inches/millimeters)?: ?52.4/1330 * Rake: ?N/A * Trail: ?N/A * Seat Height (?inches/millimeters)?: ?30.9/785 * Curb Weight: ?220/100 (?Fly ?50)?, ?247/112 (?Fly ?150) * Tires (?Front)?: ?120/70 ?R12 * Tires (?Rear)?: ?120/70 ?R12


Electronic alarm * Helmet * Top case * Windshield

Key Competitors For The 2007 Piaggio Fly

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