2006 Buell Firebolt Review


Buell brings back the Firebolt XB12R in 2006 with several industry innovative improvements. The 2006 Buell Firebolt is a well-balanced sport bike that harmonizes raw power with track-tuned agility. The Firebolt comes in three alluring color choices, Midnight Black, Racing Red, and Thrust Blue. Stunning translucent amber wheels finish off the look.

The upright riding position of the Buell Firebolt puts the motorcyclist in a relaxed yet athletic stance. In an urban environment, this bike shines, due to its torque and agility. Yet on the open road, riders will find the Firebolt comfortable over longer distances, with plenty of passing power. The overall maintenance-free design will allow you to spend more time on the road, and less time in the garage making adjustments.

The Firebolt power plant is the Buell Thunderstorm V-Twin engine. The fuel-injected engine is well-cooled, using air, oil, and fans to accomplish the task. Producing 103 horsepower and 84 lb-ft of torque, acceleration is smooth and powerful. The 3.8-gallon fuel tank is located within the frame, a decision originating from the ""Trilogy of Technology"" mantra of Buell engineers. Buell theorizes that producing a powerful yet nimble motorcycle is a balance of mass centralization, low unsprung weight, and frame rigidity. The aluminum frame contributes to keeping the Firebolt at a lean 395 dry pounds.

The transmission on the Buell Firebolt has been overhauled for 2006, using the Goodyear Hibrex drive belt with Flexten Plus technology. This maintenance-free belt system, coupled with the new transmission design, provides polished shifting and power transfer, and will provide the rider with many years of performance and minimum upkeep required.

Agility is crucial in a sports bike, and the 2006 Buell Firebolt corners like a champ, thanks to the Showa 43mm fully adjustable upside-down fork, and fully adjustable rear shock absorber. New for 2006 is a lighter, stiffer swing arm design, which also contains the oil tank. This innovative design expands on the theme of mass centralization. The rubber meets the road via a Dunlop 120/70 ZR17 front tire and Dunlop 180/55 ZR17 rear tire.

Control and comfort are aided greatly by Buell’s InterActive Exhaust system. The ECM controls and adjusts a valve in the dual-chambered muffler according to riding conditions, providing maximum torque response and optimal engine output. The muffler is mounted below the engine, expelling exhaust gases along the underside of the bike and away from the rider’s legs, while at the same time keeping mass centralized and low.

The Buell Firebolt XB features an industry-first Zero Torsional Load (ZTL) perimeter floating front disc brake system. The patented ""inside-out"" wheel/brake design puts the brake disc on the outer edge of the wheel, rather than the hub. This improves suspension function, reducing unsprung weight on the front wheel. As a result, the Firebolt uses a single disc and caliper, instead of the conventional dual disc brake setup.

Buell has delivered a dependable yet innovative motorcycle in the 2006 Firebolt XB12R. In almost all riding conditions, the Firebolt provides a balance of speed, safety, and comfort. With maintenance being of little concern on this well-engineered machine, the rider is free to enjoy his or her time in the saddle, while at the same time looking stylish.

New For 2006

  • A lighter, stiffer swing arm design with oil in frame was new for the Firebolt in 2006.

2006 Buell Firebolt Specs

  • Model:FireboltXB12R
  • Engine Type: Single-Cylinder, Four-Stroke
  • Bore and Stroke: 88.9 x 96.8 mm
  • Compression ratio: 10.0:1
  • Valve Train: SOHC
  • Induction: Fuel Injection
  • Ignition: Electronic
  • Transmission: Five-Speed Manual
  • Final Drive: Belt
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.82 gallons
  • Estimated Fuel Economy: N/A
  • Brakes (Front): Disc
  • Brakes (Rear): Disc
  • Suspension (Front): Inverted Fork
  • Suspension (Rear): Coil-over Monoshock
  • Wheelbase: 51.9 inches
  • Rake: 21 degrees
  • Trail: 83mm
  • Seat Height: 33.1 inches
  • Curb Weight: 395 pounds
  • Tires (Front): 120/70 – ZR17
  • Tires (Rear): 180/55 – ZR17


  • N/A

Key Competitors For The 2006 Buell Firebolt

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