10 Incredible Photos from Isle of Man

Our IOMTT photographers explain from behind the lens.

There is nothing like the Isle of Man TT.Dave Kneen

A dozen years ago, as the Isle of Man TT's 100th anniversary crept into sight, there were rumblings the epic race would die, a victim of bad PR and an even worse safety record. But today, as this year's 110th edition showed, the event is a rejuvenated beast, with new riders, new sponsors, new records, fewer deaths, and even more fans—so many the Island can't possibly hold them all. Of course, there's nothing like the TT. Blue-collar heroes like Michael Dunlop (left) do what most MotoGP stars would never attempt, namely racing flat-out on public roads with walls, signposts, and death inches away. If you've been there, you know. If you haven't, these photos will give you a glimpse of why the Island is considered by most to be the final frontier in roadracing.

Dave Kneen: "Taken at Guthrie's Memorial, one of the circuit's most scenic locations. The tops of the walls are painted white so they stand out to the riders—in this case, Craig Neve—as the setting sun can make visibility difficult."Dave Kneen
Ciaran Broad: "The weather was closing in for this Wednesday practice session, and the guys only got in two laps before it was red-flagged. When you see Hutchy—Ian Hutchinson—doing this, you know he's on his game."Ciaran Broad
Dave Kneen: "Captured as the duo of John Holden and Lee Cain approached the 'Mountain Mile' with Snaefell—the Island's highest point—in the background. The trust and commitment shown by the passenger is simply amazing."Dave Kneen
Paul Phillips: "I shot this near Conker Fields, about 21 miles into the TT course. After his win, 45-year-old Michael Rutter (4) said, 'The last time I won, the photo was black and white!'"Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips: "I used a regular camera and fisheye lens here from the roof of the control tower. Although the Douglas cemetery pre-dates the TT, I found its juxtaposition with start/finish intriguing."Paul Phillips
Tony Goldsmith: "The fickle Manx weather meant riders didn't practice until Tuesday, the opposite of 2016 when they were almost complaining of too much practice. Here, Conor Cummins enjoys the late afternoon sun."Tony Goldsmith
Steve English: "I shot this with a long lens at the start of a Supersport session, and it shows Dean Harrison getting ready. The pressure on the riders is clear to see, and you can sense the tension."Steve English
Tony Goldsmith: "This shot of Guy Martin, and the one of Conor Cummings, were taken the same afternoon, when I knew this section would have a nice contrast between light and dark. I wanted something typically TT, and stone walls do that perfectly."Tony Goldsmith
Tony Goldsmith: "I try not to shoot podiums in front like everyone else. I prefer shooting from the side and use a longer lens to capture the emotion of winning. I would like to think Michael Dunlop is thinking about his late father, Robert."Tony Goldsmith