Yamaha Champions Riding School Announces Women’s School

On-track and ‘audit-only’ classes available

TOOELE VALLEY, UTAH (March 18, 2011) — The Yamaha Champions Riding School, based at Miller Motorsports Park, will offer a class for women only on August 17-18, 2011.

“There are a lot of women who ride motorcycles and would benefit from the Yamaha Champions Riding School,” said lead instructor Nick Ienatsch. “We average about one or two women riders per class, but we know there are more women who would like to participate. We’ve decided to hold a women’s-only school just for them.”

Research conducted with women who have attended the school indicated they were initially tentative to come to a motorcycle riding school for several reasons: nervous about too much ego in the room; worried that they wouldn’t fit in; worried that they would be too slow, too new or too tentative.

To address these concerns, the Yamaha Champions Riding School will conduct a two-day riding school for women of all skill levels at Miller Motorsports Park on August 17-18. There will be 18 spots available, and another 20 “audit-only” spots for women who want to attend the classroom sessions, watch the videos and learn more about high-performance motorcycle riding without actually getting on the track.

“There are measurable, understandable and repeatable reasons why riders win championships…and that means riding quickly and consistently, with consistency being the most important of those two factors,” said Ienatsch. “This women’s-only school will show them how, explain it in an understandable manner and then help them attain whatever goal they have on two wheels.”

For more information about the Yamaha Champions Riding School, go to www.MillerMotorsportsPark.com or call Dwight Allen at 435.27SPEED (277-7333).