What's the BIG Idea?

America is a BIG place, and we seem to like it that way. This emphasis on bigness may have started even before we became a country, when our ancestors left their cramped, constricted lands and rolled their reproductive dice on a huge, scary continent -- one that might have, for all they knew, reached the ends of the Earth.

All of which makes the case for our upcoming "Big" issue, which features The Tonight Show host Jay Leno (and his bikes and huge garage) along with a host of mammoth-oriented subject matter, including Kawasaki's Vulcan 2000, Tim Carrithers's Alaska Tour (big state, get it?, riding impressions of four MotoGP machines from Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha (big noise, eh?), an honest-to-goodness 250-mph Suzuki Hayabusa (Big Speed!) and much more.

So put down that Big Mac and grab the Big Issue, on sale January 16th.