Vortex Racing Rearsets | MC TESTED

An attractive and adjustable alternative to those brittle cast aluminum OE rearsets.

For functionally minded folks, the primary appeal of aftermarket rearsets is their adjustability and durability. For example, these Vortex rearsets are machined from stout billet aluminum (cast aluminum, like that used for most OE rearset applications, is quite brittle) and offer a matrix of bolt holes so you can move the footpegs forward 5mm, back 15mm, or up as far as 35mm for increased ground clearance.

The Vortex units’ ability to be customized goes even further. An included shift arm lets you choose between standard and GP (reverse) shift patterns, and the toe pegs—which fold to avoid damage in a crash—can be slid forward or back on the brake and shift levers to suit your preferences. Both levers rotate on sealed bearings for smooth operation.

I installed these rearsets on my Honda CBR250R racebike because I needed more cornering clearance and wanted grippier footpegs. The aggressively knurled footpegs bite into my boot soles, and the only time I drag them is when I'm crashing. And while I've separated from my bike several times over the months, the Vortex rearsets have held up admirably. The units' modular design means you can quickly and easily replace damaged components.

Beyond being highly adjustable and impressively tough, these rearsets look fantastic and lend a racey appearance to any bike. That’s the primary appeal for less functionally minded people. And for those riders, Vortex offers a brake-light switch to retain rear brake light function on the street.


PRICE: $419
CONTACT: vortexracing.com


Verdict: Adjustable, attractive, and very crashworthy.