Unstoppable GPS Drawing, With BMW Motorrad

Originally developed by the United States Department of Defense for military purposes, the Global Positioning System (GPS) has had untold benefits since it was made freely available for public use. While many drivers use it for point-to-point navigation purposes, professionals use it for land surveying and map-making, and 'treasure hunters' use it for geocaching, a new phenomenon called GPS drawing is just being discovered by the motorcycling community.

GPS Drawing is, quite simply, a way to use your BMW motorcycle, your GPS sat-nav unit and Google Maps to 'draw' all over the planet. Developed for BMW Motorrad by international communications agency 180 Amsterdam and launched on 25 July, the ingenious, but easy to use system can be enjoyed by anyone who owns a motorcycle and a GPS device with a satellite tracking function enabled.

Getting started is quite easy. Think of a drawing that you would like to accomplish - for example, a boat, a bridge, a pair of scissors, or even a word spelled out, such as 'Unstoppable'. Then you 'map out' this drawing by plotting your path on screen and finally you transfer your coordinates to your GPS device.

For motorcycle riders, this is where the real fun starts, because now you have to get out there and ride, executing your drawing by riding wherever your GPS takes you! Alternatively of course, you can do things the other way around by simply riding wherever you wish and drawing 'freehand'. Then when you return home, you can upload your coordinates, photo stories and films onto the GPS Drawing section of the www.bmw-motorrad.com website.

The idea behind this of course is to engage with a global unstoppable GPS community who will be creating and uploading an entire worldwide network of crazy drawings all over the planet. Who knows, the Eiffel Tower could appear in London, the Sphinx could pop up in Las Vegas and the Olympic emblem could make a special appearance a long, long way from Beijing. The only limit is your imagination, as 180 Amsterdam's Christian Stein explains:

"We developed this GPS Drawing idea to create an ongoing dialogue with riders - especially those on adventure-sport or enduro style bikes that are capable of going just about anywhere! As part of BMW Motorrad's Unstoppable campaign we shot four GPS Drawing films in Uruguay at the beginning of the year to show what the possibilities are. We worked out the GPS coordinates for each of the drawings and then our riders rode through rivers, sand dunes, city centres and even the inside of old buildings to complete the drawings. The films can already be seen online on various websites such as YouTube and we hope they inspire other riders to get out and just 'draw'."

For more information about how to create, make and upload your own GPS drawings, please visit the website, which gives comprehensive details on how to get started.

Follow your GPS coordinates to complete a drawing to share among the 'unstoppable' GS community.
From New York to Paris and from Istanbul to Sydney, the world is ready for you with GPS drawing.