Tested: Sidi Cobra Air Boots

Superb footwear that’s ideal for hot-weather riding.

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Yes, these are worn out, but they have served more than their tour.©Motorcyclist

For nearly two years now I've worn Sidi's Cobra Air boots almost daily. They're light, comfortable, protective, and remarkably cool thanks to a thoroughly perforated design.

The Cobra’s chassis is made from a proprietary fabric called Technomicro, a composite material that Sidi says is softer, stronger, and lighter than leather. The Air version is perforated, but you can also get your Cobras in a solid design or a Gore-Tex-equipped version. For safety’s sake, the Cobras borrow some features from Sidi’s more race-oriented boots. The nylon toe sliders are replaceable, the seams are double stitched in “high stress” areas, full heel cups aim to take the shock of a fall, and sturdy nylon plates protect your shins.

I’ve ridden tens of thousands of miles and walked for countless hours in these boots and never had a hint of discomfort. I should mention that my feet are pretty flat and fairly narrow but fit the true-to-size 44 Cobra Air just right. The insole is removable and replaceable with a more supportive insole if that suits you. Another feature that draws me to the Cobras for daily use is the ease with which you can put them on and take them off—one long zipper and a swath of hook-and-loop material secures each boot in place.

Objectively, the Cobra Air has all of the safety and comfort features you expect from a premium boot, with proven longevity. Yes, these are worn out, but they have served more than their tour. Fit is always a little subjective, but in my opinion these boots are unmatched for comfort. I love them and I intend to replace these with another pair.


Price: $260
Contact: motonation.com


Verdict: Superb footwear that’s ideal for hot-weather riding.