Pro-Bolt Aluminium Bolts Have Evolved!

Our New ‘Race Spec’ range of Drilled Flanged Hex Head Bolts are manufactured from 7075T6 aluminium CNC Machined with Rolled Threads for extra strength. They offer a staggering 62% weight saving over a comparable size steel Bolt. Available in a choice of black, blue, gold, grey, orange, purple, red and silver, the anodising involves chemically brightening and colour anodising to between 8 and 12 microns thick, this offers a deep colour finish and prevents against corrosion. As well as adding to their good looks, the drilled head allows for ease of lockwiring.

• Density: 2730 kg/m3 (170lb/ft3)

• Young's Modulus: 72GPa (10.4 x 106psi)

• Yield Strength: 505MPa (73.2 x 103psi)

• Ultimate Tensile Strength: 570MPa (82.7 x 103psi)

• Compressive Strength: 505MPa (73.2 x 103psi)

• Shear Modulus: 27GPa (3.92 x 106psi)

• Shear Strength: 330MPa (47.9 x 103psi)

• Ductility: 10% elongation at break

• Poisson's Ratio: 0.33

• Hardness: 150 Brinell

• Strength-to-Weight Ratio: 185 kNm/kg

• Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio: 26.4 MNm/kg

 **Test Results**       **Diameter Thread** **Tensile Stress Area (mm2)** **Max Load (kN)** **Tensile Strength (N/mm2)** **Total Elongation (mm)**   6mm 20.1 11.58 576 0.56   8mm 36.6 23.19 634 0.62   10mm 58 39.17 675 1.05 

See our website for sizes available from stock, additional sizes will be added to the range in the coming weeks.