Trick or Treat? Honda Launches CB1100 Site

Honda has just launched a section on its worldwide site dedicated to the new retro-styled CB1100—a bike we reported on in the October issue CB1100 - Up To Speed, and that we desperately hope the company brings here. The site doesn't suggest that we'll actually get this air-cooled beauty, and American Honda reps continue their no-tell stance. But we can dream.

The site includes a brief look back at the early CB series that propelled Honda into a big player in the industry. Some of the styling features of the new 1100 can be easily traced back to the CB750 of the late 60s and 70s. The overview section covers some of these styling features between the old and new.

For those who like the numbers, there is a page covering engine details and another covering the chassis, suspension and brakes. A separate specs chart is also available for viewing along with a small photo gallery. For more details visit the CB1100 site.