Flying Tigers Tribute | Featured Letter

Our Glenn Curtiss feature brings this P40 Warhawk-themed Ninja out of the hangar and onto the runway

Thanks for the article in the June issue of Motorcyclist on Glenn Curtiss (see A Man Of Wings and Wheels). It is a masterful look at a true pioneer and innovator on land and in the air. I have always found small aircraft and motorcycles inexorably linked in the psyche of those that must not only find speed and maneuvering a thrill, but being in control the ultimate high.

The Curtiss company produced some of the best if not most memorable aircraft of their era, and I did not fully appreciate the extent to which Curtiss was involved with motorcycles. I am glad I chose to use the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk in the Flying Tigers motif as my most extensive tribute bike to date.

Whether we take to the air or to the asphalt, or both, we owe men like Glenn Curtiss an immeasurable debt.

Ben Getz
Moses Lake, WA