Red Heads All Around

After a record-breaking year in both the U.S. and abroad, Husqvarna has announced its 2013 lineup with numerous upgrades. The BMW-owned brand has revamped no fewer than 11 of its Italian-made models, many with the signature Red Head engines inspired by the legendary Ferrari Testarossa. Across-the-board changes for all models include black handgrips, a handlebar pad, updated graphics and improved sticker quality.

All of the models that use the 250/310cc DOHC (denoted by an “R” suffix) engine now get the Red Head top end with a lightweight, Formula 1-inspired piston, a new cylinder and Keihin fuel injection.

The Red Head does away with the shim-and-bucket valvetrain design found on previous models and replaces it with a finger-follower design. Larger-diameter valves, along with a longer-duration cam, allow better flow of the air/fuel mixture. The $7199 TC250R and $7999 TC449 motocross models also come with titanium valves.

Revisions have been made to the velocity stacks and exhausts on the $7599 TXC250R, $7999 TXC310R and $8399 TE310R, adding significant power. The TXC cross-country models come with more aggressive ECU mapping and the suspension settings on the 48mm closed-cartridge Kayaba forks have been upgraded to American specs. Stronger WP radiators are now standard on the TXC, TC and CR models.

The $8599 TE449 and $8999 TE511 dual-sport models now come with more compact handlebar switches with waterproof connectors and a revised fuel-system catch canister. The tires have been upgraded as well.

The CR125 and WR125 two-strokes will again be sold for $6299 with a 144cc top-end kit that includes a cylinder and piston at no additional charge. Other two-stroke off-road models include the $6699 WR250 and $7099 WR300.

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