Crafted by a small, highly specialized team, BMW's HP4 RACE could be on par with the great machines of MotoGP and World Superbike.Photo: BMW

BMW has added the purebred HP4 RACE to the racing stable. Crafted by a small, highly specialized team, this racebike is designed with highly technical solutions to maximize performance on the race track and will only have a production run of 750.

As far as the engine, electronics, and spring elements go, the HP4 RACE is claimed to be on par with current superbike factory racing machines, but with its claimed wet weight of only 171 kilograms, this bike is even lighter than the factory racing bikes used currently in the Superbike World Championship and just slightly above the MotoGP factory bikes.

BMW HP4 RACE carbon fiber mainframe and wheels
BMW rolls out the high-tech innovations in the HP4 RACE.
The carbon-fiber mainframe is manufactured in a monocoque construction as are the front and rear wheels.Photo: BMW

The carbon-fiber mainframe attributes to the bike's light weight and only weight 7.8 kilograms. The front and rear wheel are also made of this high-tech material, enabling a weight reduction of approximately 30 percent as compared to light alloy-forged wheels, all while retaining a deliberately rigid design.

The new HP4 RACE likewise meets the highest demands of racing technology in the area of spring elements and brakes. Both the FGR 300 upside-down fork and the TTX 36 GP spring strut are supplied by the Swedish manufacturer Öhlins, with identical parts being used both in the Superbike World Championship and in MotoGP. The light alloy underslung swingarm made of milled and sheet metal parts is also a component used in the Superbike World Cup.

BMW HP4 RACE brakes
Stopping the HP4 RACE are the Brembo GP4 PR monoblock brake calipers that can be also found in the World Cup machines.Photo: BMW

Featuring two Brembo GP4 PR monoblock brake calipers, the brake system of new HP4 RACE also has parts otherwise only to be found in World Cup machines. Coated titanium pistons and single-piece aluminum calipers with chemically nickel-plated surface make for what is currently the very best combination of materials available. In conjunction with 6.75 mm thick 320 millimeter T-type racing steel brakes, the system ensures stunning brake performance.

So what is powering this lightweight beast, you ask? The heart of the HP4 RACE is the purebred racing engine designed with specifications 6.2 and 7.2 as in the Endurance and Superbike World Championships. Peak output is at a claimed 215 hp at 13,900 rpm and the maximum torque of 120 Nm is reached at 10,000 pm. Compared to the engine of the S1000RR, the max engine speed has gone from 14,200 rpm to 14,500. The 6-speed close-ratio racing gearbox is used to achieve the best performance with its optimized transmission ratios and various secondary ratios (diverse pinions and chain sprockets included).

The 2D dashboard provides a wealth of information and features a 2D logger.Photo: BMW

Electronics are not lacking in the HP4 either. The bike comes with an extensive package of electronic control and assistance systems, as well as a weight-optimized on-board electrical system which has been optimized for racing. The 2D dashboard shares a wealth of information and has transferrable data memory with the 2D logger.

You can also change the set-up options to meet your needs for the various track layouts or road surfaces you plan to encounter with the Dynamic Traction Control that is controlled by ignition cut, Engine Brake EBR and Wheelie Control. Other electronic features are the Pit Lan Limiter for observing speed limits in the pit lane and Launch Control for perfect race starts.

Carbon fiber trim parts and the hand-brushed aluminum fuel tank help keep weight low and maintain the HP4's racing look.Photo: BMW

Also featured is the trim, the intake silencer cover, and the seat hump made of carbon fiber to further contribute to its lightweight design. The hand-brushed aluminum fuel tank sealed with a clear finish underscores the bike's racing look as well.

Still thirsty for more on BMW's HP4 RACE? Check out the video below: