Nationwide Insurance Agent - And Expert Racer Pete Boccarossa Offers Safety Tips For Riders

Columbus, Ohio - Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company is dedicated to keeping riders safe during the busy spring and summer travel season. In addition to educating drivers about motorcycle awareness, Nationwide has teamed with Pete Boccarossa, an insurance agent with over 25 years of Superbike racing experience, to remind motorcyclists about racing techniques that can give everyday riders a real safety edge.

"I apply much of what I learned on the track to stay safe on the street," says Boccarossa, owner of Boccarossa Insurance in Connecticut. As a rider with almost 30 years of experience, both on and off the race track, Boccarossa knows first-hand which techniques can spell the difference between winning - and losing. "Safety is always first, whether you're racing or just riding for fun," he says.

Boccarossa offers these race-proven tips for staying out of harm's way:

- Focus on braking performance. Remember that 70 percent of your stopping power is located in the front of the bike. Many riders rely too much on only the front or rear brake, a practice that can result in loss of control or excessive stopping distances - a real hazard in an emergency. Use a combination of both brakes for maximum control and fast stops.

- Avoid target fixation. Look ahead in your riding field. When racing, a rider who is turning must be planning his or her next move by mid-corner. Motorcyclists in traffic must also "think" ahead.

- Stay alert in groups. If you are riding in a group be careful not to mimic the moves of the rider ahead of you. Accidents can occur when the leader of a group of riders makes a mistake and others follow.

- Keep your input smooth. In racing, as in all riding, the motorcyclist with the smoothest input will have the most rewarding experience. Motorcycles are generally very responsive to subtle input to the controls.

- Consider the road conditions. Tire pressure, suspension setting and rider positioning can all be influenced by changing road conditions - which is why bike set-up is a crucial component of a winning racing strategy. Before you head out on the road, take your time in considering how to best prepare for current conditions.

Even the most cautious enthusiasts should make sure their vehicles are covered in case of a collision. Nationwide's motorcycle and powersports insurance policies cover theft, collision, vandalism and damage caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers. To learn more about motorcycle insurance or powersports insurance or to find an agent, visit

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