MC Tested: Spidi Ladies Lizard Pro Motorcycle Leather Suit

Track-worthy motorcycle leathers for women

Look around at your next club roadrace or track day and take note of how many women are wearing men's leathers. Why? Because it's been all but impossible to find an off-the-rack one-piece women's suit that offers adequate protection for fast riding. For the most part, women have had just two options: Purchase men's leathers, or break the bank and buy a custom suit.

Thanks to Italian apparel-maker Spidi, though, women now have another choice. After three years of development, Spidi has created a one-piece roadracing/track-day suit that looks the equal of comparable men's suits. Curiously named the Lizard Pro, it's constructed of 1.2mm top-grain Italian leather, tailored specifically for women. That's right: no more too-broad shoulders, baggy rumps or other extra material in places women don't need it.

In addition to being cut for a woman's curves, elasticized Keprotec panels in the crotch, inner thigh, backs of the knees, underarms and torso let the suit stretch where ladies need it most for a comfortable fit and ease of motion. Spidi also placed conventional expansion panels at the knees, behind the shoulders and at the lower back.

Although tailored for XX-chromosome humans, the Lizard Pro comes with the same details used in its XY counterparts, including Spidi's CE-certified Biomechanical armor at the shoulders and elbows, plus the firm's Bi-Phase knee sliders, which provide a smooth, gentle reminder your knee has indeed touched tarmac. There's also a pouch in the nylon mesh lining to house Spidi's Warrior back protector (offered in three sizes), and two internal pockets.

The Lizard Pro is available in women's European sizes 42-48 in white/black only. Some riders might not care for the color combo, because the white leather gets dirty easy; on the flip side, white will help keep you cool in the scorching sun. Some also may have issues with the giant reptile on the speed hump. Personally, I'd rather see importer Motonation's mascot Tony the Pony on back, but that's just me.

Whichever mascot or logo you prefer, what's important is that another big, well-regarded apparel manufacturer finally listened to the growing number of female sport riders and produced a well-thought-out suit specifically for them. In fit, style and features, Spidi's Lizard Pro hits the mark.-MC


MSRP: $1099.99

Four Stars

Finally, a race-quality one-piece leather suit tailored to fit women.

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