Intermot 2002

Showtime! Live from Munich, Germany, it's the new-bikes for 2003 at Intermot.

Suzuki's updated GSX-R1000 and the radical new 600 super-sports from Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha might be 2003's most exciting machines, but Munich's mid-September Intermot show proved the Europeans are ready for a fight.

Don't miss the December issue of Motorcyclist for full-coverage of the show, and enjoy these images in the meantime. Wunderbar!







MV Agusta


Moto Guzzi

Aprilia showed off its revamped Mille R, which sports restyled bodywork, a new exhaust, close-ratio gearbox and other hop-ups.
the Mille R's sexy swingarm and frame recieve a coat of black paint for '03.
New for 2003 is a 43mm Ohlins fork and radial-mount calipers.
Aprilia's only new model for 2003 is the Tuono Fighter, which is a less-costly version of the original Tuono shown last year. Aprilia has fitted it with downgraded suspension and bodywork to keep the price tag competitive with Ducati's Monster S4.
Ducati's all-new 749 features 999-inspired bodywork with a Testastretta motor. A racier 749S was on display as well.
The new motor gets its unchanged 748cc capacity from more oversquare dimensions of 90.0mm x 58.8mm (vs. the 748's 88.0mm x 61.5mm).
Ducati's new entry-level 620 Sport sports the mini-Monster's fuel-injected, 618cc V-twin, equipped with twin front Brembo discs with four-pot calipers.
Goodbye M900, hello Monster 1000. Powered by a new air-cooled, 992cc SOHC engine.
Goodbye M750, hello Monster 800. The new bike boasts an extra 9 hp over its predecessor, bringing max output to 73 hp at 8250 rpm.
When it was unveiled last year, Ducati's Multistrada was met with harsh criticism for its "unique" styling. Since then it's been subtly tweaked and is the only all-new model for Ducati in 2003.
Ducati's Multistrada.
Also available in silver
For 2003 an ABS version of ST4s will be offered.
The SuperSport 800 has fully adjustable Showa fork up front and a Boge shock out back.
Behold the Baby Busa--Suzuki's reworked GSX-R1000 receives "distinctive" new styling for '03, along with a host of improvements.
The Big Gixxer will be offered in Silver or the standard Suzuki Blue/White/Black color scheme of its race bikes.
Perhaps the biggest improvement for '03 is the addition of radial-mounted, four-pot calipers, which should make the bike's whoa power as impressive as its go power.
The GSX-R1000 gets a new frame, bodywork, upgraded brakes, a new tailight and two new paint schemes for 2003. Yum.
The aerodynamic nose of the Hayabusa has been transplanted to the GSX-R for '03. Love it or hate it, there's no denying its slippery shape.
The bike we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. The SV1000 and SV1000S hope to succeed where the company's TL1000S failed.
The SV1000 is powered by a modified version of the infamous TL1000S motor that's been tuned for "increased midrange." The bike's 52mm SDTV throttle bodies feed smaller, 36mm intake valves--down from the 40mm TL poppets-through reshaped intake ports.
The SV1000S sports a pointy quarter fairing and belly pan, and costs $8,599.
The SV1000S is offered in Silver or Copper.
The SV650 will sell for $5899 and the SV-S will go for $6299, a $100 jump for each.
Honda's only new sportbike for 2003 is the sultry CBR600RR, which will be sold alongside the carryover F4i.
Inspired by the RC211V V5 from MotoGP, the 600RR is much more race-focused than its predecessor.
Honda calls this a "center up" exhaust. Cornering clearance should no longer be a problem.
The new CBR uses new "Line Beam" headlights, which use more reflectors than a conventional setup for a brighter beam.
The 600RR will be offered in traditional Honda red/black, yellow and black.
Selling two 600s marks a radical shift in Honda's 600 class strategy, as it joins the other big Japanese manufacturers in selling a race-rep bike, and a more rational alternative (if you can call the F4i rational, of course).
The new R6 uses "Gatling Beam" headlights for a menacing appearance.
It's a shame the U.S. won't be getting this delectable yellow/black paint scheme. Instead, we'll receive blue/white, black/silver and black with flames ($100 extra).
Yamaha has successfully mimicked the R1's looks while keeping the R6 distinctive and, yes, seductive.
Yamaha's FJR1300 will come in an ABS version in 2003.
Kawasaki is looking to do some serious damage in the 600 class in 2003 with its all-new ZX-6R.
Kawasaki will be offering a Limited Edition 599cc ZX-6RR in addition to its street-going ZX-6R. The ZX-6RR is shown here in racing trim.
the '03 ZX-6R is the first production 600 to use inverted forks as well as radially-mounted brake calipers.
The Tokico four-piston calipers are mounted radially to reduce flex and improve stopping power.
Kawasaki's Z1000 enters the naked class as the overdog for 2003 thanks to its radical styling and potent engine.
Powering the Z1000 is a fuel-injected version of the ZX-9R mill that's been "tuned for midrange." We're hoping for 115hp at the rear wheel.
Unlike other bikes in the class, the Z1000 has a digital tach and speedo and L.E.D. tailights.
the Z1000 uses a monocoque frame similar to that found on the ZX-12R.
A four-into-two-into four exhaust system gives the Z1000 a very unique look. We dig it.
The Vulcan 1500 has been beefed up for 2003 into. Say hello to the Vulcan 1600. 5mm more stroke bumps displacement from 1470cc to 1552cc.
MV Agusta showed off its new Agostini replica F4 with--who else--the man himself.
Only 500 of the Ago-rep F4s will be built (sometime), at a price of $30,000; double the normal F4 price.
The Ago-rep includes yellow number plates, a solo seat with red-suede upholstery, red finish on the steel frame tubes, Ago's signature on the white-faced tach and your own name on an 18-carat gold plate on the steering head.
The eagerly anticipated 950 Duke made its first appearance at Intermot. Essentially a 1000cc v-twin dirtbike for the street, it should be a hoot with a capital H.
Jennifer Lopez has got nothing on the 950 Duke.
The Duke's specs say 367 lbs. dry and 120 horsepower at the crank.
Sadly, the Duke won't be available for another year. Better start saving your pennies now.
The dual-purpose Adventure model-is derived from the model on which Fabrizio Meoni won the Dakar Rally.
Moto Guzzi announced the Breva 750--a beginner's bike with a classy exterior and easy-to-use performance.
Guzzi also unveiled the Griso, a radical naked roadster with huge frame tubes running outside the fuel tank.
The Griso also has an almost totally black finish, a single-sided swingarm and a 2-into-1 exhaust ending in a huge single silencer.
Arguably the biggest surprise a Intermot show was this stylish and rapid-looking MGS/01 from Moto Guzzi.
Designed around a familiar 992cc transverse V-twin engine, the MGS/01 was produced by Aprilia, Guzzi's owners, to gauge reaction to a real sportbike from Moto Guzzi.
The MSG sports an inverted Ohlins fork, four-pot Brembo calipers, underseat silencer and a hollow aluminum swingarm.