Motion Pro Bearing Driver Set | MC TESTED

Clever features differentiates Motion Pro’s new driver set from lesser kits.

Cartridge bearings—like those used in your motorcycle’s wheels and engine—are incredibly robust mechanisms. They can handle tremendous radial loads and spin to dizzying speeds. Yet the close tolerances (typically 0.0003 inch or thereabouts) between inner race, ball bearings, and outer race mean care must be taken when installing new bearings.

With that in mind, Motion Pro created this bearing driver kit, which comes housed in a handy plastic box. The kit includes a steel handle, securing bolt, and aluminum drivers that fit bearings with 12mm to 25mm inner diameters and 32mm to 47mm outer diameters. In other words, all the sizes commonly encountered on a modern motorcycle. I’ve used the kit to install several transmission bearings and wheel bearings. The drivers also work well for driving out old bearings, as well as pressing oil seals into place.

A clever nesting feature differentiates Motion Pro’s driver set from lesser kits. The smaller 12, 15, 17, 20, and 25mm bits fit into the recess on the bottom of the bearing driver, and a bolt secures the whole setup to the steel handle. The inner bit then fits snugly into the bearing’s inner bore, ensuring that the driver remains centered over and perpendicular to the bearing so that pressure is applied evenly to the bearing, either via a sand-filled hammer or hydraulic press. The drivers are clearly marked with their size, and the face is machined so that it only contacts the outer race of the bearing. Press the part home and you’re done.


Price: $75


Verdict: 5/5 stars

A quality tool kit, designed to install quality components.