Our Top 10 Motorcycle Videos of 2016

2: On Two Wheels, Honda Grom vs. Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Why did Ari and Zack ride Kawasaki’s Z125 Pro and Honda’s Grom from sundown to sunup? Some cynics on Youtube speculate that it’s because the lowly 125cc minibikes would get clobbered by San Francisco’s daytime traffic, but the truth is Ari and Zack crammed this video shoot into the 18 hours between the conclusion of the Z125′s press launch and the beginning of a four-day weekend of roadracing at nearby Sonoma Raceway. Making the video happen meant pulling an all nighter, which also meant that the boys showed up for race duty with zero sleep under their belts.

It didn't seem to slow them down, though, as Ari and Zack went on to amass a half-dozen wins and even set a new track record for the 500 Twins class (on a single-cylinder RC390). Click here to check out Ari's record-setting lap on his long-term RC390, and if you're a fan of Yamaha's FZ-07 you'll definitely want to read about the custom FZ-07R racebike that Zack competed on.

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