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An Array Of Accoutrements For Your Upper Extremity

In our constant attempt to bring you new and interesting items, we've decided to pay special attention to the head, home to your consciousness and the complex neurological pathways that let you operate a motorcycle. Enjoy this selection of cool swag for your skull.

Alpinestars Balaclava
If it's good enough for Crimean cold-weather commandoes, it'll do the job for a chilly morning commute. Alpinestars has adapted the classic wool ski mask to suit the needs of die-hard riders, crafting a full head covering complete with waterproof neck and shoulder skirt for effective insulation against the elements. The stretch fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, and is made with flat seams so it fits comfortably under your helmet. One size is intended to fit all, at a retail price of $39.95.

Scala Rider Q2 Multiset
Only so much can be conveyed using rudimentary hand signals, and then it's time to get vocal. The Q2 Multiset is your ticket to clear, hands-free, inter-helmet communication. Each $395.95 package contains a pair of ready-to-use Scala Rider headsets that link riders from up to 1500 feet away. Want more than mere walkie-talkie functionality? You got it. The Scala Rider also offers cell phone, MP3 and FM radio capabilities to keep you entertained and connected while on the road.

The V2 Sponge
At just $4.95, the V2 Sponge is an easy way to avoid cleaning your face shield with the filthy washer fluid and abrasive paper towels commonly offered at gas stations. Made of a microcell material, the V2 contains no chemicals and needs only water to work its magic. The sponge's unique shape is meant to provide a maximum cleaning edge so its tiny fibers can cut into and lift bug guts and grime off your face shield and helmet. Kept moist in its watertight storage envelope, the V2 is always ready to use and fits easily in a jacket pocket.

Hazardous Sports Headcase Helmet Case
Hanging your helmet on a bar-end or setting it on a precarious pile of stuff in the garage is no way to treat your most important piece of safety equipment. When not in use, zip your helmet into a Headcase from Hazardous Sports. Constructed from dense, molded foam sandwiched between a soft inner fabric and tough ballistic nylon exterior, the Headcase will keep your lid clean and protected from scratches and scuffs. The Headcase retails for $90, with a clamshell design that fits all brands of street helmets.

Tag Heuer Night Vision Glasses
You don't have to be a Le Mans driver to appreciate the Night Vision glasses, although a comparable salary would help. At $430, they're spectacularly expensive, but nothing but the best will do for competitors in the legendary 24-hour race. Designed specifically for high-speed nocturnal navigation, the Night Vision's -0.25 diopter lenses correct the minor myopia that affects everyone at night. The panoramic lenses are tinted a pale yellow to increase contrast and an anti-glare coating helps reduce eye fatigue. The flexible frame is designed to fit comfortably inside any helmet.

Aerostich Disposable Earplug Sample Kit
Earplug comfort is a personal preference, and finding the plug that fits just right can be a long and arduous task. To simplify that experience, the thoughtful folks at Aerostich have assembled this earplug sampler kit containing the latest and greatest, as well as tried and true noise-reduction favorites. For $10 you get 12 different styles, shapes and compositions to choose from, so you're sure to find the plug that fits you best.

FogTech and Raincoat
MotoSolutions is the clear choice, inside and out. The company's specially developed treatments keep your vision clear no matter how hot your breath or how heavy the rain. Applied to the inside of your face shield, FogTech's silicone-based surfactants spread moisture evenly across the shield's surface, eliminating fog. On the outside, Raincoat's hydrophobic waxes cause water to bead, quickly clearing your view of droplets. The $4.99 FogTech package includes five wipes, and the $5.99 Raincoat kit includes five wax packets, sponge and buffing cloth. Application is easy and lasts for days.

Shift Overlord Hat
One can never have too many hats, especially if they're as stylish as Shift's new Overlord cap. Woven from cotton and stretchy spandex, the Overlord's FlexFit design matches the contours of your cranium for a perfect fit. Bold, black-and-white, screen-printed graphics and an embroidered logo complement any outfit. Available in black or white with contrasting graphics, Shift's hats retail for $23.95.

Harris Helmet Decals
Harris Decals is your source for affordable custom vinyl graphics, lettering and logos for your bike and helmet. This visor banner is great for racers, riding clubs or identification and rank in the Motorcyclist hierarchy. Each piece is cut from premium 10-mil vinyl and is pre-curved to fit your face shield. Choose from a variety of standard designs or draw up your own. Basic colors run $10.50 apiece, while ultra-metallic, holographic and mirror finishes cost a few bucks extra.