Top 5 Features of the Shoei X-Fifteen Helmet

These are the top five features of the Shoei X-Fifteen helmet.

Fresh for the 2023 calendar year is Shoei’s top-of-the-range X-Fifteen full-face helmet. The X-Fifteen is a DOT, Snell, and FIM-certified helmet known for its premium quality and advanced features to provide maximum protection, aerodynamics, and comfort for track riders and racers. Here are the top five features you need to know:

  1. The interior is very comfortable. It’s also highly modular so you can set up the fit for your head shape.
  2. The ventilation is a huge step forward for Shoei. If you want a helmet that pushes a lot of air and keeps you cool on the track, the X-Fifteen is it.
  3. The viewport is excellent. It offers a lot of peripheral vision and the visor is nice and tall so you can see what’s going on ahead of you when tucked in at the racetrack.
  4. The aerodynamic efficiency is great. This helmet cuts through the air, it’s very quiet, and it proves to be very comfortable to wear when racing triple-digit speeds at the racetrack.
  5. Although it costs nearly $1,000, it’s priced hundreds of dollars less than some of its European competition. It is made in Japan and it offers a fit and finish and quality that other helmet manufacturers can’t match.

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