SteadyMate Adds a Little Give with Kwik Strap

They're soft ties with a little extra give. Kwik Straps from SteadyMate help protect your bike while being transported.

The new Kwik Strap from SteadyMate helps isolate your motorcycle from the shock while being transported in the back of a truck or on a trailer.

Kwik Strap is a unique new product with a special round-sling design that responds to adverse road conditions so your bike travels more smoothly and with less strain on critical components. It actually gives when your trailer goes over a bump, and doesn't snap back or torque your frame when your vehicle's suspension compresses and releases. That means confident transport and less chance of your vehicle's parts loosening as a result of road vibration.

**Product Information: **

  • Round-sling design absorbs the shock of bumps and vibrations eliminating frame damage while you trailer your Motorcycle, ATV or Snowmobile

  • Acts like a shock absorber to reduce part loosening from your vehicle from road vibration

  • Works with any type of Tie-Down

  • Does not "snap" like regular webbing when suspension compresses and releases over bumps/pot holes

  • Use in tandem with a hook style Tie-Down to protect vehicle surfaces such as paint and chrome

  • Originally designed to secure personal wheelchairs/scooters for wheel-trans, Kwik Strap has been crash tested in the transit and school bus industry

  • 12-inch loop provides quick and easy attachment point for the Tie-Down

  • Sold in pairs for $33.20.

Steadymate offers a complete line of transit solutions for motorcycles (not to mention ATVs, Snowmobiles and Boats), helping riders and their vehicle get to their destination safely and securely. For motorcycle tie-down tips and professional advice, please visit

SteadyMate Adds a Little Give with Kwik Strap

Don't try this at home! Dorothy Creighton, Product Manager of Steadymate Canada, stands directly below a sled held up by two Cinchtite 1 Tie-Downs and two Kwik Straps, demonstrating how Kwik Strap bumps up the strength your Tie Downs.