New from 69 PIT STOP: Witty parking signs featuring various bike models

Specialized parking signs from 69 Moto make great gifts. Now available for supermotos, streetfighters, choppers, and more!

Who doesn't know the daily trials and tribulations of finding a parking space for the beloved ride? To help with this task, the 69 PIT STOP online shop now offers witty parking signs that feature a number of different bikes.

The plastic signs measure 42.5 x 29.5 centimeters (18.0 x 11.6 inches) and leave absolutely no doubt that only a specific type of car may be parked in this spot. The lineup of signs ranges from the legendary Kawasaki Z1 to the Triumph Rocket III to bike types such as chopper, supermoto and streetfighter bikes.

While the list of available signs is expanded continually, one thing remains the same: The MSRP of 20 Euros (about $28 USD) for each parking sign.

The new parking signs can be ordered from the online shop at