Bazzaz Z-Bomb for 09-10 Honda CBR600RR

Releasing the inner beast

How do you make a CBR600RR faster for only $149.95?

With a Bazzaz Z-Bomb. Recently released to the market, the Bazzaz Z-Bomb for the 09-10 Honda CBR600RR is one of, if not THE most effective and inexpensive way to release the inner beast of the CBR. There is no other product on the market that can add this much HP for only $149.95!

The Z-Bomb Timing Retard Calibrator maximizes engine performance of a Honda CBR600RR for up to a 6HP gain over stock. This is an impressive performance upgrade for the price. The simple plug-in unit installs in minutes with just a screwdriver and a 5mm hex key.

Though the Z-Bomb integrates perfectly with all Z-Fi EMS products and other aftermarket tuning units, an EMS is not necessary.

• Gains 6-6HP over stock
• Only $149.95
• Plugs in-line with TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)

Attached is a photo of the product and a dyno graph demonstrating the increase in power on a stock CBR600RR. Bikes with an aftermarket exhaust will realize a larger increase in power up to 6HP.

Bazzaz Z-Bomb for 09-10 Honda CBR600RR