Furygan Brutale Jacket

MC Tested

In case you're wondering, that feline is a panther, and the brand is Furygan. Unless you worship the ground Giacomo Agostini walks on, you've probably never heard of the French marque. Although they've been in the apparel business for nearly 40 years, their fashionable goods have just become available on this side of the Atlantic.

When the Furygan Brutale jacket arrived, I was pleased to see that the materials, protection, style and comfort are on par with the likes of Alpinestars and Dainese. The jacket has a quality feel to it, imparted by sturdy-yet-supple 1.2-1.3mm-thick bovine hide that has been drum-dyed to an attractive semi-luster and treated for water-repellency. Foam-backed hard armor guards the elbows and shoulders, and there's a bona fide CE-approved back protector, not just a flimsy foam place-holder.

The jacket felt broken-in within a day's ride. The shoulders and arms are tailored from numerous pieces of leather to create the perfect shape, with a band of compliant textile material on the shoulder blades for flexibility. The leather is backed by a luxurious DuPont Coolmax material, far more sumptuous than the thin mesh found inside other jackets.

At the local Sunday-morning hangout, the Furygan jacket stood out in a sea of common brands, color schemes and styles. Its numerous pockets got a workout as I fished around for scraps of paper on which to write the importer's name and E-mail address.

Furygan Brutale Jacket
Price: $455

Contact: Van Ellis, Ltd.

Verdict 5 stars out of 5
A top-quality jacket that's guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.