Dainese D-Elements Roll-Top Backpack Review

Sportbike style meets the daily commute

The D-Elements roll-top from Dainese brings sporty style in a functional daily package.Jeff Allen

Second smallest backpack of the bunch, the Dainese D-Elements, makes up for its reduced capacity with interior pockets, a laptop pouch, and even pen holders. My 15-inch laptop fit perfectly and was held in place with an elasticized Velcro strap.

This backpack was clearly engineered with riders in mind. The overall design is lightweight, and the airflow back system kept me cool. The Elements also has many reflective strips on the straps and across the back. Dainese claims the bag is 100 percent waterproof, but inside the exterior pocket a label screams, "!Unable to render embedded object: File (Warning) not found.! Zippered Pocket Is Not Waterproof." Prolonged exposure to rain is okay, Dainese explained, but the zipper may leak if it is submerged under water. Buyer beware.

Interior pockets galore! The brighter interior liner also makes it easy to see inside.Jeff Allen

I also wished for a magnetic closure to better seal the top rather than just the supplied clips. The shoulder straps are plush, but there is quite a lot of excess material. The hip belt when tightened also left a long tail; a Velcro tab provides some security.

The padded airflow back system and shoulder straps contribute to overall comfort while reflective striping on the straps add a touch of nighttime security.Jeff Allen


Price: $179.95
Capacity: 26.4 L
Weight: 2 lb. 7.2 oz.


Style: 9/10 (extra points for reflective material)
Function: 9/10
Comfort: 8/10
Quality: 8/10
Total: 34/40