Cool Motorcycle Accessories And Gadgets You Should Own

Look sharp while staying connected on your next ride.

All of your motorcycle purchases don’t need to be performance modifications or stickier tires. You can always treat yourself to some tech. Upgrade yourself and your ride with our pick of motorcycle accessories and gadgets we find useful.

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Have a completely wireless audio experience inside your helmet with the Headwave Tāg.Headwave

Turn your entire helmet into a sound system with the Headwave Tāg. The Headwave uses your lid's shell as a soundboard, creating true surround sound while you ride. With an internal battery, Bluetooth connectivity, and one-button operation, the Headwave is easy to use. The Headwave is designed and constructed in Germany.

Bell Click Release Transitions Adaptive Photochromic Shield

Photochromic Shield
Keep the sunglasses at home with Bell’s adaptive motorcycle visor.Amazon

Photochromic technology has been in eyeglasses for decades, so it was a natural step for it to appear in other eye-protection scenarios. The Photochromic Shield from Bell offers protection from the sun by going from clear to dark tint in under 10 seconds when exposed to sunlight. Bell’s Nutrafog II antifog treatment reduces fogging on the inside of the visor, so there is no need to install an aftermarket insert. This visor is compatible with Bell Click Release helmets, which include the Star, Vortex, RS-1, and Revolver Evo.

Magura HC1
The Magura HC1 works with ABS systems and helps avoid loss of feel in your braking.Magura

Magura's new HC1 radial master cylinder uses a forged body and piston plus new seal technology to offer excellent brake feel and power. Available in 12mm, 13mm, and 16mm piston diameters, the HC1 is appropriate for most front brake systems, and it's a relatively affordable upgrade.

Adaptiv Technologies A-05-04 TPX Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver
Connect your TPX Radar to your bluetooth headset with this handy transmitter.Amazon

Adaptiv Technologies' TPX radar detector is a favorite of those with a heavy throttle hand. Now the company has released this Bluetooth module ($55) that takes power from a USB port and links to the TPX to beam radar alerts directly to your helmet communicator.

Adaptiv Farkle Fingers Glove Tip

Glove tip
Turn any motorcycle gloves touchscreen compatible in seconds with the Farkle Finger Glove Tips.Amazon

Give your favorite mitts an upgrade with Adaptiv's Farkle Fingers. Place these ultra-thin, conductive glove tips on the ends of your gloved fingers to operate any touchscreen device. Just pull them over and use.

Satechi Bluetooth Media Button

handlebars, media button, motorcycle gear
Control your device from your handlebar with the Satechi Bluetooth Media Button.Satechi

Like to stream music from your phone? Now you can easily control volume, skip tracks, and pause or play your media remotely. Link the compact Satechi Media Button to your smartphone and you're good to go. The Satechi kit is said to have a two-year battery life and comes with a handlebar mount and double-sided adhesive for flat-surface mounting.