In 2017, Suzuki got back to business with its SV650, leaving off the Gladius that stalked around showroom floors for the better part of eight years. The revised version felt very much in line with the previous, tried-and-true formula, and it's been going strong ever since. For 2019, Suzuki expands the SV650 line by one model for American riders, bringing the SV650X Café stateside starting this coming January.

2019 Suzuki SV650X Café

2019 Suzuki SV650x Cafe
Finally, the SV650X Café makes it to the United States in 2019.Suzuki

Last year around this time we got our first look at the SV650X but—as with many models that look this good—it was only destined for overseas markets. Thankfully, Suzuki remedies that in 2019.

The SV650X is mechanically the same as the standard model. A 645cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC V-twin, 41mm conventional fork and link-type rear shock, steel trellis frame, six-speed transmission, even the electronic aids like ABS, Suzuki Easy Start and Low RPM Assist go untouched.

Where this bike really shines is in the looks department. Out front there’s a contoured headlight cowling, mounted just beneath the clip-on handlebars. The tuck-and-roll seat curves up from the base of the 3.8-gallon fuel tank in a graceful line to the tailsection, creating a pleasing break in the horizontal and diagonal lines emphasized by the curve of the tank, the small side panels and the back end. Brown leather finishes off the seat perfectly paired with the two-tone Glass Sparkle Black/Pearl Glacier White colorway offered.

2019 Suzuki SV650x Cafe
The SV650X costs $8,399 and comes in a gorgeous Glass Sparkle Black/Pearl Glacier White colorway.Suzuki

The Café rolls on five-spoke cast aluminum wheels, shod in Dunlop Roadsmart III tires, a fantastic radial that balances nimble handling and longevity. Since the SV650 is a bike that begs to be ridden, it's good to have tires that won't wear out in a month.

Even with the few bits and bobbles added on to the SV650 base, this Café version isn’t too much heavier, weighing 437 pounds ready to ride compared to the standard, non-ABS version which tips the scale at 432 pounds.

Looking good does come at a bit of a price though. The SV650X carries an $8,399 MSRP, that’s $900 more than the SV650 ABS and $1,300 more than the SV sans ABS.

2019 Suzuki SV650 And SV650 ABS

2019 Suzuki SV650
Here’s the base 2019 SV650 in Metallic Oort Grey with metallic red frame and wheels.Suzuki

Suzuki didn’t leave off its two SV workhorses however, adding dual-piston Tokico brake calipers to the front of the bikes (the SV650X comes packing this kit too) and 290mm discs.

2019 Suzuki SV650
You’ll spend $7,099 to get your hands on a 2019 Suzuki SV650.Suzuki
2019 Suzuki SV650 ABS
The 2019 SV650 ABS in Glass Sparkle Black with metallic blue frame and wheels.Suzuki
2019 Suzuki SV650 ABS
Suzuki lists the 2019 SV650 ABS at $7,499.Suzuki

There’s a Glass Sparkle Black with metallic blue trellis frame and wheels available for the SV650 ABS (in showrooms starting January 2019) and a sharp-looking Metallic Oort Grey body/Metallic Red frame and wheels for the non-ABS version (available starting December 2018).