On Two Wheels: 2017 Suzuki SV650 vs Yamaha FZ-07

Ari & Zack compare the new SV650 against Yamaha’s FZ-07, OTW style.

In 1999 Suzuki introduced the SV650, a bike that went on to be immensely successful among novices, experts, and everyone in between. The key to its success—a charismatic V-twin, ultra-easy handling, and it wasn’t stupid expensive. It remained popular for the better part of a decade. Sadly, the SV eventually faded into the background, rebranded as the Gladius and then the SFV650.

Meanwhile, Yamaha was planning an all-out assault on the newly refreshed economy and people's ravenous appetite for fun, affordable bikes. First it was the FZ-09 in 2014, followed by the FZ-07 a year later. The wee FZ filled everyone's need for a punchy, exciting naked bike immediately, and lovers of the SV650 were left to dream of the gravy days when their machine ruled the streets.

But now, for 2017, Suzuki has restored the SV650. So, the question: Is it still the king of the middleweight naked ranks? Or has the FZ-07 taken over for good? Luckily, that’s exactly the kind of question that Ari and Zack like to answer.