2017 BMW ConnectedRide Display System First Look

Integrating bike technology with smartphone and helmet

BMW ConnectedRide TFT display
BMW's new ConnectedRide TFT display connects a rider with their smartphone and navigation.Photo by BMW Motorrad

In our increasingly connected (perhaps OVER-connected ) world, it's no surprise that one motorcycle company has found a way to integrate certain features of our smartphones with motorcycles. Using the same concept as BMW's ConnectedDrive, BMW Motorrad released information about ConnectedRide. The technology utilizes a new TFT display that will allow a rider to wirelessly connect their smartphone to their bike and BMW System 7 helmet. This connection would enable the rider to view smartphone navigation on the TFT display, and hear navigation prompts through the speakers within the System 7 helmet. The connectivity would also give the rider visual information regarding incoming calls, as well as music transmitted by the smartphone.

One of the features of the CennectedRide system is the ECALL function, which, like in BMW’s automobiles, can make an emergency call in the event of an accident. The system would be able to contact emergency personnel if the rider is unconscious or unable to make the call manually. In addition to calling for help, ECALL will also transmit the location of the bike, helping emergency services reach you that much faster. The ECALL system will be available as a factory option in a BMW motorcycle in early 2017.

Rever app features
BMW plans to collaborate with Rever to get their Motorrad community more connected with each other.Photos by BMW Motorrad

BMW also plans to partner with REVER to connect their community of Motorrad riders with each other, share maps, and planned routes, as well as transmit their location information. It is unclear if this will be integrated with the TFT display and BMW System 7 helmet.