2010 XDL Finals In Indy The Best Ever!

Los Angeles, CA (August 2, 2010) - After five years of building up a series, the XDL Championship Series has established itself as a major form of motorcycle entertainment, and the XDL Finals put an exclamation mark on the season. The riders were in top form and delivered precision, aggression, speed, acrobatics and comedy. Yes, comedy. In five years there has never been a show this complete, well rounded and entertaining.

The setting for the XDL Finals is the Indiana War Memorial, just a few blocks north of downtown Indy. XDL closes down North street between Meridian and Pennsylvania and uses the adjacent park as a venue. Now in its third year at this location, XDL has managed to perfect the layout, and for the second year in a row, Saturday night was a sell out. The competitions got under way with the K&N; Circle Challenge, which saw Icon rider Ernie Vigil take the top spot for the first time in 2010. Unlike in other seasons, 2010 saw a different winner of the K&N; Circle Challenge at each stop. A fact that goes to show how competitive this event has become. Winner Vigil noted that in future years riders will be able to lock in and spin so quickly they are liable to get thrown off their bikes. Sounds like the best is yet to come.

Adding to the action packed Friday night program were the finals for the first-ever Sartso Women's Cup. Originally intended as a trial program, the Sartso Women's Cup saw such strong participation it was held at every stop on the schedule and even included in the X Games demo. The finals saw five women go head-to-head with Racing 905's Dena Sodano crowned the 2010 champion. In the seven months since the season opener, the women have made such rapid progress and the riding has become so good, that they have established a firm foothold within XDL and with the fans.

Comic relief came in the form of Team Road Hazard who took the win in the Team Battle. Chris McNeil, Dan Jackson, Bill Dixon and Brian Bubash combined for a 4-up "mandem" and executed stoppies, wheelies and circles before jumping on to their own bikes for a synchronized routine. Somewhere in there Chris McNeil managed to throw down a dance number worthy of an NFL end zone appearance.

Capping off the night was Speed & Strength Sickest Trick. This competition is judged by other riders, so even though there was plenty of fire, acrobatics and mayhem, the top three runs were all very difficult technical maneuvers. Racing 905 rider Luke Emmons impressed the judges with a 50/50 stoppie to a 180 wall park for his first Speed & Strength Sickest Trick win of the season.

Saturday offered up the Aprilia All Star Challenge and FMF Cup. Eric Pettit won his first-ever Aprilia All Star Challenge by consistently out-performing Dan Jackson and Bill Dixon all year. Initially known as the guy that could win only in the wet, Pettit proved that he could win consistently, in all conditions.

The FMF Cup main event was possibly the most tense of the season. Riders were battling fatigue and dehydration with temperatures hovering around 95 degrees. Everyone, including the top guys was experiencing difficulties and in the third round it started to show as Shin Kinoshita, Bill Dixon and Chris McNeil all crashed. The podium ended up featuring familiar names and was almost a carbon copy of the LA round. Icon rider Nick Brocha took the win, which was all the more bittersweet since he lost the championship by a mere point. Brocha vowed to return even stronger, Dixon pledged to be the first three-peat champion and Emmons said he will do what it takes in the off-season to win the title in 2011. Sounds like we'll be in for a thriller of a year.

Next up is the launch of Inside XDL on VERSUS, where you can relive the entire 2010 season and get a peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

FMF Cup Final
1. Nick Brocha (148.5); 2. Luke Emmons (146.0); 3. Bill Dixon (135.0); 4. Chris McNeil (131.5); 5. Shinsuke Kinoshita (129.5)

Aprilia All Star Challenge
1. Eric Pettit (23.15 sec.); 2. Bill Dixon (23.62 sec.); 3. Dan Jackson (24.34)

K&N; Circle Challenge
1. Ernie Vigil; 2. Bill Dixon; 3. Billy Wynn

Speed & Strength Sickest Trick
1. Luke Emmons; 2. Bill Dixon; 3. Dan Jackson

Sartso Women's Cup
1. Dena Sodano (64.5); 2. Brandy Valdez (63); 3. 4. Leah Peterson (55);

Freestyle Burnout
1. Brian Bubash; 2. David Boyd; 3. Kyle Rapport

Team Battle
1. Team Road Hazards (Dan Jackson, Bill Dixon, Chris McNeil, Brian Bubash)(32); 2. Sweat Leaf Crew (Randy Callicoat, Kyle Rapport)(23); 3. Death Squad (Nick Brocha, Ernie Vigil, Shin Kinoshita, Lin Eshalom)(21)

2010 XDL Finals In Indy The Best Ever!