2006 Ducati Monster 695 - First Look

Joining the club just got easier

With the introduction of the 2007 Monster 695 this June, it'll become that much easier to join the ranks of the Ducatisti. For starters, the 695 will sell for the same as the Monster 620 it replaces, $7495 (only the Monster 620 Dark is cheaper, at $6995). Plus, thanks to more oversquare bore/stroke dimensions (88.0 x 57.2mm versus 80.0 x 61.5mm for the 620) and subsequent retuning, the 695 makes a healthy 10 additional horsepower (73 bhp at 9500 rpm to the 620's 63 at 8500) . That means the 695 has the highest specific output of all of Ducati's air-cooled engines. Other novice-friendly 695 features include the 620's Adler Power Torque Clutch and the lowest seat height in Ducati's lineup. Plus, as part of the Italian manufacturer's ongoing program to "engineer in reliability through design, materials and testing," the 695's first service isn't needed until 7500 miles.

Perhaps best of all is Ducati's claim that, while the 695's performance welcomes newbies who barely know a desmo from a decoupage, it can also satisfy more experienced riders. So whether you're aspiring to Ducatisti membership, or just want to extend it, you've never had it better.