Motorcyclist Introduces “Dog, Gone!” Video Series

Adventures of a sidecar dog.

On Two Wheels and MC Garage host Justin Dawes will play second fiddle to his Australian cattle dog Gracie in a new Motorcyclist YouTube series called Dog, Gone! In this video series Gracie and Dawes will tour the United States visiting various cities to take in the local riding and animal culture. Along the way they will find the best rides, meet like-minded pet owners who ride, and engage in local dog-friendly activities. They will also spotlight animal conservation efforts including rescues, sanctuaries, and shelters—all from the seats of a Ural Gear Up sidecar motorcycle.

Join Australian cattle dog Gracie as she gears up to tour the country with her dad, Justin Dawes, in Motorcyclist's new YouTube series, Dog, Gone!Jeff Allen

Stay tuned for the first episode of Dog, Gone! this spring.