Red Bull Day In The Dirt Motocross Grand Prix 2019 In Photos

Motorcycle racing, camping, and a party fit for all ages.

Part fun, part competition, the Red Bull Day in the Dirt is always a hoot to participate in, regardless of your skill or style of dirt bike you ride.Mike Emery

Motorcycle racing, camping, and a party fit for any age took place this past weekend during the Red Bull Day in the Dirt Motocross Grand Prix at Glen Helen Raceway in Southern California. This year marked the 22nd running of this festive race, which takes place every Thanksgiving weekend. What began as a couple days of off-road riding fun for the Hollywood stunt community has evolved into a family-friendly shindig that encourages dirt bike racing, sportsmanship, and camaraderie for all riders, regardless of skill. This year Mother Nature played its own trick on competitors with a deluge of rain and cold weather making camping more tricky, but also primo track conditions. Check out some of our favorites photos from the event. Interested in kicking up roost? Sign up at and see you next year.

The Red Bull Day in the Dirt GP always brings out riders and their vintage-era motorcycles.Mike Emery
Local Supercross and motocross pro Josh Grant once again made it out to this year’s race.Mike Emery
The Hell On Wheels MC Club ran races Saturday afternoon on a short TT-style track.Mike Emery
Having fun and causing a little chaos is what the Red Bull Day in the Dirt GP weekend is all about.Mike Emery
These Ironmen (and women) proved to be the die-hard racers of the weekend competing in a multitude of classes, including Sunday’s Coup de Grace endurance races.Mike Emery
Getting loose after dark is always a part of Day in the Dirt—this year an ’80s cover band rocked inside Glen Helen’s barn.Mike Emery
Costumes are always welcome at Day in the Dirt. This Ironman competitor lofts a wheelie through the pavement section on a Kawasaki KX450.Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool
A heavy dousing of rain prior to Saturday’s race made for some challenging conditions during the morning’s Vintage GP.Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool
Pick a rut. If you like railing ruts, this year’s track at Glen Helen Raceway was full of them.Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool
The Day in the Dirt track is a grand prix-style course that uses a multitude of natural and manmade features to create a long and challenging (but not overly so) course.Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool
Our favorite dirt bike racing redneck Ronnie Mac pounded out laps on his trusty CR250R two-stroke.Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool
Run what ya brung. The Hell On Wheels MC crew always makes it fun to race any type of motorcycle on makeshift TT tracks.Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool
Local pro RJ Wageman won this year’s Coup de Grace endurance race. He said he used the competition to help train for this year’s Supercross season.Mike Emery