Max Mandell

Red Bull Day In The Dirt 2018 In Photos

Check out photos from this year’s Red Bull Day in the Dirt motocross grand prix

Red Bull's Day in the Dirt rolled through SoCal last weekend at Glen Helen Raceway. The three-day event runs each Thanksgiving weekend and celebrates the camaraderie of dirt bikes, along with uniting the Hollywood stunt, film, and motorcycling industries. Racers from all over the world came out for a weekend of fun, including races on a long 3-or-so mile grand prix track.

The first annual XR100 World Championship ran Friday night, followed by the Hell on Wheels MC club hosting separate TT and flat-track races. In between the racing action, folks camped, grilled, and shared tall tales around the light of campfires. Check out some of our favorite photos from the event and see everyone next year.

The Hollywood stunt, film, and motorcycle industry come together every year to celebrate all things dirt bikes Thanksgiving weekend at the Red Bull Day in the Dirt.Max Mandell
Racers race, campers camp, and fun is had by all at the annual Day in the Dirt grand prix race.Max Mandell
After a fun day of racing, it’s party time.Max Mandell
Crazy costumes and general debauchery are highly encouraged at Day in the Dirt.Max Mandell
An Australian off-road and enduro racer took part in the event, in order to get more seat time for the Dakar Rally in January.Max Mandell
Contrary to the high-stress, ultra-competitive motocross racing scene, Day in the Dirt is all about fun and bragging rights.Max Mandell
A variety of minibikes came out of the woodwork for the first annual XR100 World Championships sponsored by 805 Beer.Max Mandell
As usual, the run-what-ya-brung two-stroke class proved to be one of the biggest and most popular races of the day.Max Mandell
The Day in the Dirt course was a long 3-mile-ish course that used parts of the motocross track and the surrounding hillside.Max Mandell
The Hell on Wheels MC club hosted separate TT and flat-track races Saturday night.Max Mandell
The Day in the Dirt event harkens back to a time when rules were few and life was all about motorcycling and having a good time.Max Mandell
An asphalt section was incorporated into the racecourse—a key ingredient for this motocross grand prix.Max Mandell
Ride ’em hard and put ’em away wet. That’s the mantra at the annual Day in the Dirt motocross grand prix races.Max Mandell
If you like old dirt bikes, you’re going to see a lot of them at Day in the Dirt.Max Mandell
Bench racing and exchanging tall tales by the campfire is just one part of the Day in the Dirt event.Adam Waheed
Camping overnight is key at the Red Bull Day in the Dirt. Lance Campers make for a more cozy and enjoyable experience.Bert Beltran