Top 5 Features of the 2024 Honda Transalp XL750

The five best features of the 2024 Honda Transalp XL750.

Fresh for the 2024 model year is Honda’s Transalp XL750. A new entry into the middleweight-plus sized adventure bike segment, the Transalp pairs Honda’s legendary reliability with a more road-focused design that still presents capable off-road prowess. Here are the top five features of Honda’s 2024 Transalp.

  1. This 755cc parallel-twin engine has a lot of character. Plus it’s fast revving and it has a lot of top-end power.
  2. We love how this bike is equal parts on road and off-road, equipped with a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel.
  3. We value the advanced electronics package, including adjustable engine power modes, traction control, engine-brake, and ABS control. Plus it includes an electronic quickshifter, yes!
  4. This bike is crazy comfortable on the street. We love this broad fairing and the nice tall windscreen.
  5. Because this Transalp only costs $10,000 in the United States, which offers significant value in the segment.

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