Top 5 - Riding in Alpinestars Off-Road Airbag Vest

Here are the five best features of Alpinestars Tech-Air Off-Road Airbag Vest.

Alpinestars shows off its first dedicated active airbag vest engineered specifically for us off-road riders. Developed primarily for Dakar racing competition, the vest is also designed for dirt bike riders seeking more protection than what’s typically available in the space (chest protector, etc). Say hello to the Tech-Air Off-Road Active Airbag Vest. We reported on this product in detail during the Alpinestars Off-Road Airbag Vest Review With Videos article; now it’s time to discuss the top five things we like about riding an Alpinestars Tech-Air Off-Road Active Airbag Vest:

  1. The vest is super comfortable and easy to wear (it weighs 7.25 pounds in size large).
  2. It lasts 30 hours on one charge, and can be easily charged with its front-mounted USB-C type plug.
  3. Tech-Air Off-Road has neck, shoulder, head, and back protection (with two separate airbag deployments).
  4. It has different adjustment modes for “rally” riding and “off-road” riding, and it’s user serviceable (first four deployments, on the fifth it will need to be professionally serviced with a new air bladder installed).
  5. Lastly, for $1,000, if you want the ultimate in airbag protection for off-road riding, Tech-Air Off-Road fits the bill.

We’ll see you in the next episode.