Aiming your action camera has never been easier.

RAM Mount with GoPro on FJ-09

When it comes to mounting an action camera to your motorcycle, flexibility is key. And when it comes to flexibility, nothing we’ve tried comes close to RAM Mounts.

RAM stands for Round-A-Mount, referring to the ball-and-socket design that make RAM Mounts' products so versatile and easy to use. The range of adjustment is nearly unlimited, and changing the direction or angle of your device is as easy as loosening a single knob. RAM Mounts has mounts for any kind of electronic device you can imagine plus an exhaustive variety of bases for affixing the setup to just about any surface.

For motorcycle work, we primarily use RAM’s suction cup, Tough Claw, and handlebar/rail GoPro-specific bases. These bases are handy for quick shots and have worked well on a range of bikes, from cruisers to sportbikes. The suction cup setup ($40) is the most convenient to use, but make sure the surface you’re sticking it to is essentially flat—the cup has a small diameter and a somewhat rigid design, so curved or flexible surfaces can confound its grip. Don’t ask us how we know.

RAM Tough Clamp on H-D

The Tough Claw base ($47) is our second favorite option, likewise due to convenience. This base is made of a tough composite material with soft rubber inserts in the jaws so it won’t mar paint or chrome. It clamps securely to handlebars or frame rails or any other tube between about 0.5-inch and 1.5-inches thick.

The handlebar mount ($36) is what we turn to as an alternative to the Tough Claw, mainly when space is a limitation. It’s a little more time-consuming to install but has proved very secure and requires the least real estate on a handlebar.

RAM Mount with GoPro on RD400 handlebar

All of these setups include the base outfitted with a one-inch ball, a standard-length (about 3-inch) double-socket arm, and a GoPro ball adapter that bolts directly to the bottom of the camera. One of the (other) appealing things about RAM Mounts is the system’s modularity and the availability of individual components. Compared to linking together GoPro’s standard 90-degree fittings, RAM mounts are easier to use and offer a lot more range of adjustment.

No matter what your device or where you want to mount it, odds are RAM Mounts has something for you. The options are extensive to the point that they’re overwhelming. Thankfully, RAM has has a “Motorcycle Mounts Wizard” feature on its website that will steer you towards the right parts for your application.


PRICE: $36-$47
CONTACT: RAM Mounts, www.rammount.com


Verdict: Worth it for the easy range of adjustment alone!