Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival

The top five reasons to visit the Barber Vintage bike fest.

Each autumn, the Barber Motorsports Park hosts its annual Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival. Celebrating all things motorcycles, with emphasis on used motorcycles and motorcycle culture the vintage fest is the mecca for motorcyclists (this year’s event had over 80,000 guests!) looking to hang out with like-minded folks inside Barber’s parklike atmosphere. Here are the top five reasons you should plan a visit to next year’s event.

  1. Motorcycle racing. If you like competition and want to hear the sounds of your favorite old bikes, this is the place to be. Don’t believe us? Check out the Best-Sounding Motorcycles Of All Time article and video.
  2. The motorcycle swap meet. If you’re looking for rare parts for your motorcycle, this is the place where you’re going to find them.
  3. The bikes. All kinds of cool vintage motorcycles, streetbikes, dirt bikes, and everything in between at the Barber Vintage Festival.
  4. The Barber Motorsports Museum is one of the best museums in the world. If you love motorcycles, you have to check it out.
  5. And lastly, because of Barber Motorsports Park’s parklike atmosphere. This place has to be seen to be believed.

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