There's nothing better than exploring roads close to your home and getting lost in your own backyard. That's the premise of the Alley Rally. In its second edition, this motorcycle rally jukes and jives through lesser known urban areas of Los Angeles exposing riders to some of the more nitty-gritty parts of this Southern California metropolis. From masterfully composed street art, beautiful cityscape vistas, steep first-gear hill climbs, and beyond worn-out couches, beer bottles, and random trash—it's all there for you to see, smell, but hopefully not touch! The ride goes kickstands up from Lucky Wheels Garage at 9 a.m. and concludes at a delicious pizzeria off West Adams around noon.

Check out some of our favorite photos from this year’s event and make sure to keep an eye out for an Alley Rally coming to your city soon!

Motorcyclist magazine hosts their second Alley Rally—an urban tour through nitty-gritty portions of downtown Los Angeles.Julia LaPalme
This residence features a mural of the late Steve McQueen. Legendary painter Kent Twitchell applied this giant portrait of the actor and motorcyclist in to the back of a house in LA's Pico-Union district.Julia LaPalme
An early morning tour through Los Angeles reveals its diversity and smorgasbord of culture.Julia LaPalme
A rider shows off his skills through a tunnel in Los Angeles.Julia LaPalme
You’d be amazed at the quality of the street art you see in lesser known alleyways of Los Angeles—the attention to details and the story these murals tell are worth a visit.Julia LaPalme
Cardo showed off its latest PackTalk Bluetooth communication system that allowed riders to remain connected via intercom and cellphone service.Julia LaPalme
A rider poses for the camera during this year’s Alley Rally tour through Los Angeles.Julia LaPalme
The view of Downtown Los Angeles from Elysian Park—a fantastic view of the Los Angeles skyline.Julia LaPalme
The Alley Rally begins from the coffee shop at Lucky Wheels Garage. Lucky Wheels is an independent DIY shop where folks without garages (or tools) can wrench on their motorcycles for a reasonable fee.Julia LaPalme
Even canines got in on the fun, with the appropriate safety gear, of course.Julia LaPalme
Cardo brought their PackTalk communication system, which allows for a group of 15 riders to talk to each other without cellphone service or the connection hiccups typical to last-generation intercom systems.Julia LaPalme